Vision, Mission, and Goals

library entrance
The Library’s entrance with students hard at work studying


Develop the Library as central to intellectual life at BMCC by building awareness and excitement about the Library.


The A. Philip Randolph Memorial Library serves the BMCC community by providing high-quality services, collections, spaces, and experiences – both virtual and physical – that create an environment of transformation and growth.


Generate programming and resources that encourage interaction between the library and the greater college community.


  • Develop programming that draws students and faculty from across the BMCC community into the Library to interact with the space, resources, services, and staff.
  • Cultivate workshops for co-curricular credit or course credit.
  • Create faculty and student advisory groups that advise on the best ways to support teaching, learning, and research.

Provide necessary and appropriate collections that contribute to the success of teaching and learning at the College.


  • Provide access to materials in a variety of formats including but
    not limited to print sources, databases, e-books, streaming media, and
    emerging formats.
  • Regularly acquire materials that satisfy the curricular and research needs of students and faculty.
  • Maintain print and digital collections that meet the curricular and
    research needs of students and faculty through regular weeding.

Deliver a library instruction program that aligns with the College’s efforts to prepare students to be successful in college and their future careers.


  • Consult with faculty to incorporate information literacy into courses across the College.
  • Develop an embedded librarian program for online and hybrid courses in conjunction with E-Learning.
  • Develop an “Information Literacy across the Curriculum” module.

Create user-centered spaces and services in the Library.


  • Provide excellent research support services to students and faculty, both virtual and physical.
  • Ensure students and faculty can use all of our services, including
    but not limited to research support, circulation, media, without
    unnecessary impediments, i.e. extraneous forms.
  • Provide self-service options to library users, such as checking out laptops and reserving study rooms.

Last updated, September 2016