Vision, Mission, and Goals

library entrance
The Library’s entrance with students hard at work studying


Provide innovative and sustainable library services that serve the holistic and academic needs of our students.


The A. Philip Randolph Memorial Library cultivates student success by creating an environment for the development of Intellectual curiosity. We curate relevant and diverse collections for the college community and provide responsive services to ensure our collections are fully accessible.


Deliver a library instruction program that aligns with the College’s efforts to prepare students to be successful in college and their future careers.


  • Relaunch the Library’s instruction program to be 90% asynchronous instruction.
  • Create more asynchronous content by subject and skill type.
  • Encourage faculty to incorporate information literacy into their courses, i.e., FYE pilot classes.

Provide necessary and appropriate collections that contribute to the success of teaching and learning at the College.


  • Improve the diversity of fiction collection.
  • Consolidate and evaluate the size of existing collections.
  • Maintain print and digital collections that meet the curricular and research needs of the College community through regular weeding.

Create user-centered spaces and services in the Library.


  • Provide excellent services, both virtually and in-person.
  • Create a document to give to architects/design team about our vision and plans for a new library space.
  • Base library renovation on student feedback and data. 

Generate programming and resources, both virtually and in-person, that encourages interaction between the library and the greater college community. 


  • Develop programming that draws students, faculty, and staff from across the BMCC community into the Library to interact with the space, resources, services, and staff.
  • Develop workshops for co-curricular credit.
  • Develop programming that supports the whole student. 

Last updated, May 2023