Return your BMCC device

All devices, iPads, laptops, Chromebooks, hotspots, etc., are due back by May 272022

In order to facilitate returns, library staff will be in the lobby outside the public safety office in 199 Chambers to accept returns on the following dates and times:

May 24, 10am to 2pm
May 25, 10am to 2pm
May 27, 12pm to 4pm

When returning an iPad, please make sure that you are logged out of iCloud, Find my iPad, or any other Apple accounts. Please charge the iPad before returning it so that we can quickly confirm that you have logged out of everything.

Devices can also be returned anytime the Library is open. If you do not have access to campus due to vaccination requirements please return the device on the days listed above.  If that is not possible please contact us.

If you need the device for summer classes, please come to the library to renew it. Proof of registration will be required. Please call the Library staff at 212-220-1451 or email if you have any questions.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

April is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at BMCC. During this month you will get the chance to participate in a variety of events that are meant to showcase and celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander culture. The library celebrates as well with our display of books highlighting Asian writers. Stop by the display case to check out some stories by authors you may not know. The selections demonstrate the variety in Asian writing and the different voices of the Asian and Pacific Islander community. You can also find more resources through the library feature collection for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The books featured in this collection will teach you about Asian and Pacific Islander culture, history and the Asian-American experience. Also check out the different events  going on at BMCC!

Graphic Novels have a New Home

new Comics shelves

Our growing Graphic Novel collection has moved to a new section of the library. They’re now near the couches located by the Library’s entrance. Feel free to browse and borrow! Our collection includes manga, graphic novels, and comic books spanning a wide range of genres and styles.

If you have questions about the collection, or have suggestions for titles to add, contact Prof. Rebecca Hyams.

Best practices for using your T-Mobile hotspot

The hotspots available through the BMCC Library provide 100GB of data every month. The data usage resets on the 23rd of every month.

In order to not use up your data too quickly, please follow the best practices listed below.

  1. Only use the hotspot for your coursework, i.e., Blackboard, OneDrive, Zoom, etc.
  2. Video streaming should only be used for watching films and other media for your courses. Video streaming (FaceTime, movies, YouTube, etc.) will use up your data within days.
  3. Do not share the hotspot with others.
  4. Disconnect from and turn of the hotspot when not in use.
  5. Consider turning off your video during a zoom session.

If you think your hotspot is damaged or defective, please contact the IT help desk


Phone: 212-220-8379

In-person: 199 Chambers, room S141 (call for hours)

HERstory Month 2022

During the month of March BMCC celebrates Women’s HERstory Month, a celebration of women’s contribution to history and how far women have come in society. All month long BMCC will host events designed to educate the BMCC community about women’s issues, contributions, equity. The library has also put together a display designed to showcase women’s history with a collection of resources highlighting female story makers. Notably highlighted is author bell hooks (September 25, 1952 – December 15, 2021). bell hooks was an American author, professor, feminist, and social activist. Her work is being used a guideline for a variety of seminars on inclusive pedagogy during the spring 2022 semester.
The display also highlights the history and contributions of women from a variety of backgrounds as well as women who fought against oppression and tyranny. The library hopes that by showcasing these interesting reads the community will learn more about these brave women and their work towards making society better for us all. Other BMCC events celebrating Women’s HERstory Month can be found here:

African American Heritage Month 2022

During the month of February BMCC celebrates African American Heritage Month with educational and cultural programming that commemorates the Afrikan diaspora. BMCC’s focus this year was on physical and mental health, as well as sharing truths. The library chose to commemorate African American Heritage Month with a display of their own highlighting the truths of some of African American History’s most noted and radical members. Many students know their names; Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Angela Davis, Assata Shakur, but few know more than the most common of quotes by these noted figures.

With this in mind the library chose to highlight some long forgotten or more obscure quotes by these powerful figures along with reading selections to educate the student body on the radical writings and ideas of these figure and their movements. By educating the student body on these writings, we hope to teach them about the strength and resilience of those that came before them and to inspire them to bravery and action. As Christopher Shults, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning and chair of the Afrikan Heritage planning committee stated “We need to be reminded that we have the broad and strong shoulders of our ancestors to stand on…We need to be reminded that tough times are nothing new and that we are a wise, creative, innovative, strong and resilient people”.

New books at the Library

The Library has added many interesting new books to the collection, some may be available electronically. For print copies, stop by anytime the Library is open to check them out!

Return or renew your device!

Dear students,

If you borrowed a device from the Borough of Manhattan Community College including Chromebooks, iPads, Dell laptops, iMacs, and hotspots, etc. at any point since March 2020, please return it if you no longer need it or are not enrolled for the spring 2022 semester. If you are enrolled for the spring semester, please email or stop by the Library to renew any device you have. You will need to provide your course schedule and photo ID. We are asking everyone to return or renew their devices for inventory purposes.  

If you are returning an iPad and not checking it out again, please be sure to do a factory reset and sign out of all of your Apple accounts, including iCloud and Find Your Device. Please charge your iPad before coming to campus so we can quickly determine if the iPad has been reset.

Students registered for spring 2022 classes may come to the Library to check out a device if they do not already have one. Hotspots and iPads are no longer available. Please email, call 212-220-1451, or stop by the Library to find out what is available.

You may also return any books you have; all fines and fees will be waived.  If you have lost a book, we will accept another copy in good condition and remove all fines and fees from your account.  

Please note that you must follow CUNY health and safety policies to enter the building. If you cannot enter the building, please email us at or call 212-220-1451 for alternatives.

The Library is in S410 at 199 Chambers.  Please see the library’s website for hours: If you have questions please email or call the Library at 212-220-1451.

Updated February 26, 2022

Library open on Saturdays!

From October 30 to December 18, the Library will be open from 12pm to 5pm on Saturdays. We look forward to seeing you!

Get books from other CUNY Libraries

Looking for a book that isn’t available at BMCC? You can get the book sent from any other CUNY Library to pick up and borrow from BMCC. (You can also pick them up from any other CUNY Library, but you’ll have to check that they’re open as some are still closed to students.)

Requests can be made directly from OneSearch and typically come within a few days.

Instructions for making requests are here.