Information for Students

Vaccine mandate ends effective May 23, 2023

  • As of May 23, 2023 there is no longer a COVID-19 Vaccination mandate for in-person classes or services.

Schoology, the MEOC Remote Classroom

  • The MEOC’s academic classes and ATTAIN Lab are being offered via Zoom and Schoology. Classes will be fully remote, hybrid (include both remote and in-person components), or fully in-person. Check the Program page (click on either Academic or Career Training to get to your program) and/or your student schedule to see if your classes are fully remote, hybrid, or fully in-person.
  • Your Schoology course codes will be emailed to you prior to the first day of classes.

Tutoring Services

  • Tutoring services will be offered in-person in room 1508, and remotely via Zoom. The Tutoring schedule is shared with students via Remind and email. In addition, your instructors, Advisors and Counselors will also have the tutoring schedule.
  • Ask a question by sending an email to MEOC Tutoring at


  • The MEOC ATTAIN Lab provides additional resources to support your studies including, but not limited to Rosetta Stone® to learn English or another language; Aztec software to improve academic skills and prepare for the High School Equivalency Exam, the Test Assessing Secondary Completion or TASC; and/or Edmentum™ software to improve employability and workforce skills. In addition, you can earn the Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Certified Fundamentals, or QuickBooks® certification.
  • ATTAIN Lab will be offered either in person or remotely.

VIDEO: How to access Gmetrix for Microsoft Practice Certifications

VIDEO: How to access the Language Program Rosetta Stone


How to access the Career Training Program Edmentum


How to access the academic program Aztec Software


The MEOC and our faculty and staff use a number of tools to reach our students and provide instruction. One of our communication tools is, Remind. It’s a way to stay in touch with the Center and your instructors directly via text message or email (you choose the method). In addition to Remind it is essential to be sure to check your email regularly and keep a current email address on file.  This is the primary way many staff members at the Manhattan EOC communicate with students.

  • Manhattan EOC registered students are added to the Spring 2024 semester class as they register for classes. Students can opt out of receiving messages by replying STOP to the initial message. In addition, faculty and staff may also use Remind to communicate with students for individual classes or programs at the Center.

MEOC Contact Information

To make an appointment with a Manhattan EOC staff member where you don’t know their contact information, please use this directory. If you cannot find the contact information for the person you are looking for reach out to your Advisor, Counselor, the general Admissions email or the Remind group if you’ve joined.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pick up books?
General hours for the book room are Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:45pm.  Students must have an ID prior to picking up their books.  Student IDs are issued during Orientation and Monday – Thursday from 11am to 3pm in room 1526, the Public Safety office.

How do I get a Student ID?
For enrolled students with a schedule, student IDs are issued during Orientation and Monday – Thursday from 11am to 3pm in room 1526, the Public Safety office.

Who do I ask for help?
We’re happy to assist you.  Who to contact depends on your need or question.

  • If you need help accessing your Schoology account email Academic Affairs at
  • If you want information about a specific course, contact your instructor. You can get their email and contact information from your course outline or by finding them in the faculty directory.
  • If you need help logging into Remind and do not have your instructors’ contact information and cannot find it online please contact your Advisor or Counselor.
  • You can also use the live chat feature on our website between 9am and 7pm Monday – Thursday and 9am – 5pm on Friday.

What does “Remote” or “Distance Learning” mean?
At the MEOC remote learning means learning without being in-person. The MEOC uses Schoology as our virtual or remote classroom.  This is where your instructors will provide resources, offer their lessons, and stay connection to their students. We encourage students to check their emails regularly for updates from their instructors and utilize the Schoology pages for each of their courses.

How do I know if my classes will be 100% in-person, 100% remote, or hybrid (a mix of both)?
Nearly all classes at the Manhattan EOC are either fully in person or in a hybrid format. This information will be on your student schedule. You’ll see either a room number or a virtual environment listed.  Program specific information is available by program in the Academic and Career Program listing as well. You must click on Academic or Career Training Programs to view the individual programs.

What does hybrid classes mean?
A hybrid class is one that meets in-person for some classes and remotely for others.

Do I ever need to come to the Center in-person?
For Academic programs, our admissions exam (the TABE) is an in-person exam that takes up to 4 hours. This exam takes place before you have been admitted when you are an applicant to our program. Classes are also primarily offered in-person or in a hybrid format.

Will I be able to meet with my teachers in person during this time?
This depends on whether your classes are 100% in-person, 100% remote, or hybrid.  Please refer to your schedule.

I haven’t been getting updates. How do I make sure I’m getting them?
The Manhattan EOC primarily uses your email on file to be in touch with you as well as the registered student group in Remind for that semester.
Update your contact information (email address, phone, mailing address) by sending your full name and updated contact information to  If you know your Banner ID please include it.  If you don’t know it, send the information in anyway.

What is Remind?
Remind is a communication tool that allows administrators, instructors, and students to communicate with each other via text message (SMS), or email on multiple devices (phone, laptop, or tablet).  Users do not see one another’s telephone number, so it allows for users to send text messages without knowing the other person’s number – keeping your personal information private.  Learn more by going to  You can also download the App from the Android or Apple store.

How do I “attend” class remotely?
Attendance is required at all courses on your schedule. Plan to attend the remote and/or in-person courses offered by your instructors.  R emote classes are held via Zoom.  Each course will have a Schoology page where more information can be found.  If you will need to miss a class, contact your instructors and/or Advisors or Counselors. Four (4) consecutive absences or six (6) total absences can jeopardize your enrollment.

The ATTAIN lab is a great resource.  How do we access the ATTAIN Lab? 
The ATTAIN Lab Technology Coordinators (LTCs) will have courses in Schoology just like your Academic or Career Training classes. If you’ve never used the MEOC ATTAIN Lab, please complete the Enrollment Form online today.

  • Rosetta Stone® is available to ESOL students registered with the lab.
  • Aztec software is available to academic prep students looking to earn their High School Equivalency diploma who are registered with the lab.
  • Edmentum™ content for academic and career trainings is available for those who registered with the lab.
  • Multiple resources are available to students who were registered and are studying for Microsoft® or QuickBooks® certifications.

What do I do if I don’t have access to a computer or the internet?
We have a limited number of Manhattan EOC Loaner Devices for student use. If you’re in need of a device please contact your Advisor or Counselor.  We are not able to provide internet access to students.

What do I do if I can’t keep up or if distance learning is too challenging for me?
Reach out to your instructor or Advisor/Counselor. If you don’t know their contact information email for assistance.