MEOC Distance Learning Information for Students


VIDEO: How to access Gmetrix for Microsoft Practice Certifications

VIDEO: How to access the Language Program Rosetta Stone


How to access the Career Training Program Edmentum


How to access the academic program Aztec Software

  • The MEOC’s academic classes and ATTAIN lab are being offered via Distance Learning formats at this time, which will continue through the end of the Spring Semester.
  • The MEOC Spring Recess is unchanged from our Academic Calendar and will continue to be from April 8 to April 16, 2020. Distance Learning will not take place during Spring Recess.
  • The MEOC is sending students updates to their email address on file as well as to the Spring 2020 Student Group in Remind. If you need to update your contact information, email us at
  • Distance Learning began on March 19, 2020. Keep a look out for a Remind message or email from your instructor(s) for course specific information
  • Tutoring services are provided to MEOC students via email and by using google classroom.

MEOC Student COVID-19 Relief Fund

The COVID-19 Relief Fund is made possible by the Borough of Manhattan Community College in collaboration with the SUNY Manhattan Educational Opportunity Center. This fund has been established to support the urgent and emergency needs of MEOC students due to or related to COVID-19. Many MEOC students now find themselves facing financial struggles that were unforeseen as little as two weeks ago. MEOC can apply for grants of up to $300.

MEOC students who would like more information should contact Robert Park, Director of Student Affairs at for assistance.


The MEOC and our faculty and staff are using a number of tools to reach our students and provide instruction at a distance at this time.  One of our communication tools is, Remind. It’s a way to stay in touch with the Center and your instructors directly via text message or email (you choose the method). We want to share some essential steps to join the Center in Remind.

  • Watch this short video on how to join a class.
  • Text @meocs20 to 81010 to join the Spring 2020 MEOC Student Group. This is the group where general announcements and updates are provided to all students.  Join this group to stay up-to-date on information from the MEOC.
  • Nearly all instructors have created classes for you to join on Remind.  Some are using other tools to communicate with you such as email or Google Classroom.
  • If you want to know your specific classroom code provided by your instructor, join the Spring 2020 student group and send us a message or email us at for instructions.

Student Distance Learning Information

All academic classes offer distance learning methods. Career Training Programs that require a clinical component such as Certified Nursing Assistant are temporarily postponed.

In-person services for students are temporarily postponed. If you need to reach a staff member, please use this directory. If you cannot find the contact information for the person you are looking for reach out to your Advisor, Counselor, or the Spring 2020 Remind group if you’ve joined.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Distance Learning” mean?
At the MEOC distance learning means learning without being in-person. This can include email, the use of Remind, or other online service or App accessible via phone or other device. Your instructor(s) will let you know what method they’re using.

Faculty will adopt an approach with which they are comfortable, and whatever approach suits the content of their course. Faculty will communicate with you about the requirements for your courses. Please make sure to check your email frequently and/or your Remind groups.

Will I be able to meet with my teachers in person during this time?
At this time in-person services for students have been suspended.  When they resume we’ll let you know.

I haven’t been getting updates. How do I make sure I’m getting them?
The MEOC primarily uses your email on file to be in touch with you as well as the registered student group in Remind for that semester.

Update your contact information (email address, phone, mailing address) by sending your full name and updated contact information to  If you know your Banner ID please include it.  If you don’t know it, send the information in anyway.

To join the Spring 2020 Remind Group, please email: for instructions.

Instructors will also have their own groups.  Be sure to accept the invitations from all of your instructors to join their remote classes.

What is Remind?
Remind is a communication tool that allows schools, administrators, instructors, and students to communicate with each other via text message (SMS), or email on multiple devices (phone, laptop, or tablet).  Users do not see one another’s telephone numbers so it allows for users to send text messages without knowing the other person’s number – keeping your personal information private.  Learn more by going to  You can also download the App from the Android or Apple store.

Has the MEOC canceled classes?
All academic classes have been transitioned to a distance learning format as of March 19.  Career Trainings that involved a clinical component such as Certified Nursing Assistant are suspended at this time.

Now that my classes have been moved to distance formats, how do I “attend” class?
Students will be contacted by their instructors on how to proceed with distance learning. Policies regarding class attendance, tests, and other coursework will be determined on a class-by-class basis. Keep a look out for a message from them. If you do not hear from them, be proactive and contact them directly.

How do we access the ATTAIN Lab?  They had good online content that I want to continue to use.
During this unprecedented period of remote learning, much of the ATTAIN Lab content will be available to you remotely. The ATTAIN Lab LTCs have created Remind groups for you to join to troubleshoot how to login from home and support you for the remainder of the semester.

  • Rosetta Stone is available to ESOL students registered with the lab.
  • Aztec is available to academic prep students looking to earn their High School Equivalency diploma who are registered with the lab.
  • Edmentum content for academic and career trainings is available for those who registered with the lab.
  • Multiple resources are available to students who were registered and are studying for Microsoft® certifications.

I didn’t get a chance to sign up for the ATTAIN lab yet.  How do I do that now?
We are working on this.  Once we have more information we’ll let you know.  If you’d like to make your request now, send an email to  You can also call 212-961-4049 and leave your name and number and await a call back.  While staff are working remotely you may experience a delayed response.

I never picked up my books. How can I pick up books?
While in-person services are temporarily suspended, we want to work with you to provide your books as we’re able.  Please email: if you are in need of receiving your books at this time.

Who do I ask for help?
It depends on your need

  • If you want information about a specific course, contact your instructor. You can get their email and contact information from your course outline or by finding them in the faculty directory.
  • If you need help logging into Remind and do not have your instructors contact information and cannot find it online email the MEOC at

What do I do if I don’t have access to a computer or the internet?

  • At this time with the directive to not have more than 10 people in one place from the CDC and reiterated by the Governor of New York and the directive to allow for faculty and staff to work remotely to reduce the incidence of the Coronavirus, in person services at the MEOC for students are suspended.
  • Once we begin to offer in-person services to students we will let you know.
  • If you have access to a cell phone and can send text messages including photos of assignments, please reach out to your instructors.

What do I do if I can’t keep up or if distance learning is too challenging for me?
Reach out to your instructor or Advisor/Counselor.