Admissions Document Checklist

Prospective students must submit proof of 1 year of New York State residency, income, and education level. One form of documentation from each category below is required:

I. Proof of New York State Residency

  • NYS Driver’s License, NYS DMV Identification (must be dated at least 1 year prior to registration)
  • NYS voter registration card
  • Apartment Lease
  • Residential (Shelter) Program letter
  • Posted mail from a bank with name and address (must be dated at least one year prior to registration)
  • New York State income tax return (IT-201, IT-150 and IT-2)

II. Proof of Income – (All that apply)
(Pay stubs, W2 forms or notarized letters are not acceptable as proof of income.)

  • Federal Tax Return (1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ)
  • Non-filers: IRS Form 4506-T (provided by Admissions Office)
  • HRA Current budget letter (most recent & not older than 90 days)
  • SSA/SSI Documentation – Social Security Award letter for current year
  • Veterans Administration Disability Benefits letter
  • Unemployment, Pension, Annuity Benefits or Workers Compensation letter for current year
  • Child Support or Alimony payment stubs for current year. (Court ordered or affidavit)
  • Residential (Shelter) Program Letter

III. Proof of Education

  • High School Diploma or Transcript (with graduation date and school seal)
  • High School Graduation Verification letter (on an official school letterhead and seal)
  • Student Dismissal letter
  • Foreign Diploma (must be translated into English)
  • High School Equivalency Diploma (including test scores)
  • College Transcript
    (Applicants with 33 or more college credits are not eligible.)

IV. Photo ID

  • NYS Driver’s License or Photo ID Card
  • Benefit Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • U.S. Passport

If the student falls into one of the following categories, please provide documentation in place of Proof of Income.

  • The student’s family is the recipient of: (1) Family Assistance Program Aid; or (2) Safety Net Assistance through the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, or a county department of social services; or (3) family daycare payments through the New York State Office of Children and Family Services Assistance, or a county department of social services;
  • The student is living with foster parents who do not provide financial support, and no monies are provided from the natural parents; or
  • The student is a ward of the State or a county.