Modes of Mapping

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Curated by Lisa Panzera
September 6 – October 25, 2018

Exhibition Brochure

Modes of Mapping presents a cross-section of contemporary artists engaged in aspects of mapping in its broadest sense. Curated by Lisa Panzera, Director of the Shirley Fiterman Art Center, this exhibition explores a wide range of artistic tendencies that incorporate cartography as a departure point. Fourteen artists, including one collaborative, are featured, all of whom employ distinctly varied approaches, from the investigation of intricate, abstract networks, to explorations of identity and place, to detailed depictions of entire imagined worlds. Other issues at play concern the technological, as well as the invisible, and engage aspects of geolocation and global positions systems, charting radio wave frequencies, and making visually tangible experiential interactions and psychological concerns. Moving away from the conventional, utilitarian function of maps, these artworks make apparent ways in which maps are inherently subjective, often political, marking arbitrary boundaries that shape our emotional and aesthetic, as well as geographical, perceptions of the world.

Participating artists are Noriko Ambe, Jeffrey Beebe, Beth Campbell, Mary Ellen Carroll, Nathan Carter, Diana Cooper, Lisa Corinne Davis, Nina Katchadourian, Joyce Kozloff, Larson Shindelman, Robert Morris, Dennis Oppenheim, Francesco Simeti, and Jaune Quick-to-See Smith.