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Sexual Assault

New York State law has a list comprised of sexual offenses that vary in intensity, level of force. Sexual assault is defined as any involuntary sexual conduct in which a person feels threatened, coerced, or forced to engage against their will, or any sexual touching that occurs without the individual’s consent. Sexual assault is a crime of aggression and violence.

Examples of Sexual Assault include, but not limited to the following:

  • Any sexual act committed against a person’s will or without their consent
  • Forced sexual contact a date, a spouse, a family member, an acquaintance or even a stranger
  • Unwanted grabbing or touching of someone’s private
  • A range of acts, from obscene phone calls to forced sexual intercourse
  • Any unwanted sexual contact you don’t want

Other terms:

    Consent is agreeing to what is taking place voluntarily and without coercion, force, intoxication (with drugs or alcohol). An individual must be legally old enough to consent; you must be 17 years and older to consent to sexual activity in New York.

    Criminal Sexual Act is engaging in oral or anal sexual conduct with another person without such person’s consent.

    Forcible Touching is intentionally touching the sexual or other intimate parts of another person without the latter’s consent for the purpose of degrading or abusing such person; or for the purpose of gratifying the actor’s sexual desire.

    Rape and Attempted Rape is defined as sexual intercourse, sodomy or oral copulation accomplished or attempted against a person’s will through the use of force or fear, or when the person is prevented from resisting by the effects of alcohol or drugs that were administered by or with the knowledge of the offender.

    Sexual Abuse is subjecting another person to sexual contact without the latter’s consent.

    Statutory Rape is constituted in two instances, when a person aged 21 or older has sexual intercourse with a person aged 16 years or younger, or when a person 18 or older has sexual intercourse with a person 14 years or younger.

What should you do if you’ve been Sexually Assaulted Harassed?

  • If on campus, dial (212) 220-8076 for public safety (S215)
  • Call 911, the NYPD Special Victims Report Line at (212) 267-RAPE(7273), or rape crisis hotline such as Safe Horizon’s Rape Crisis/Sexual Abuse Hotline at (212) 227-3000
  • Go directly to a medical facility; try not to shower or douche before going
  • Save your clothing and undergarments and bring them to them to the emergency room
  • Get tested for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy

Visit our Resources page for more information and resources.

▶ See the CUNY Policy on Sexual Misconduct.

▶ View and Download a PDF version of the CUNY Policy on Sexual Misconduct.

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