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Domestic Violence

The Women’s Resource Center continues to advocate for victims of Domestic Violence. During the Domestic Violence Awareness month in October, the Women’s Resource Center in collaboration with members of faculty and staff come together to host a series of educational workshops, campaigns and rallies to help eradicate Domestic Violence. These activities precede the “Walk with Me” Event—a Silent Procession around the campus, honoring domestic violence victims and survivors. The month long event and silent procession ends with a solemn ceremony, and victims are given a platform to share personal stories and experiences, and express concerns.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is defined as a pattern of coercive behavior perpetrated by one family member on another with the purpose of establishing and maintaining power and control. Coercive be­havior involves a range of behaviors that can include physical, psychological, emotional, eco­nomical, or sexual abuse. These behaviors are design to instill fear and intimidation in victims. Domestic violence is not an isolated incident of abuse. It is a fixed imbalance of power created by the abuser over time, even if there is no physical abuse (Rockefeller College, University of Alba­ny Professional Development Program).

Abuse can come in many forms, as seen in the Circle of Abuse below:

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