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Information to be included on all WI Course Syllabi

What makes this course a Writing Intensive Course?

This is a Writing Intensive course that fulfills the WI requirement for graduation. Writing intensive courses pay special attention to developing critical reading, writing, and analytic skills to prepare students for college-level coursework in general. Both informal and formal writing will be designed to maximize your understanding of the subject matter. Formal writing assignments, at least 10-12 pages total, account for a significant portion of your grade and will include opportunities for revision.

Student Learning Outcomes:Measurements:
1. Student will be able to complete (a) formal writing assignment(s) of at least 10-12 pages in length that has/have gone through the revision process (e.g. research paper, content-related report, essay.) Examples of student papers
2. Student will be able to generate pieces of informal writing in response to a variety of prompts, concepts, situations or reading assignments.Examples of student writing