FY14-15 BMCC Tech Fee Expenses

Quantity  Amount 
Hardware / Hardware maintenance, Networking / Networking maintenance, Peripherals
Presidio - to upgrade our current ASR routers to a newer model that can provide us with more 10Gig ports Lump 31,575
Dyntek -  for health check of Network Assessment of BMCC Network Infrastructure. As we move on to add newer technology, this evaluation will assist us in designing and planning 1 10,000
Presidio - add another SUP to our 2 core switches for redundancy and stability. This additional install will help us with In Software System Upgrade. 2 33,600
Netfast Co - to purchase 10gig capable switches for Murray Street campus Lump 18,800
Presidio Network - 10 GIG Optical and services for various high implementations Lump 24,382
Presidio Network - 1gig line card for our 4 routers  Lump 43,400
AT&T Corp - telephone system that provide a method of using SMS within a call campaign to reduce the number of calls that may have to be made. Lump 13,511
NYSTEC - to hire consultant for FH wireless AC radio AP deployment Lump 17,882
Vandis Inc - Acruba wireless AC access point to enhance our wireless coverage at FH & Chambers Street Lump 144,083
Namtek Corp - wallmount kiosks for use in students PW reset and CUNYfirst/email access. Lump 44,450
Flash Array storage for our IO intense applications like, VDI, SharePoint portal and SQL Databases which are deployed and used by all the students.  2 240,411
SHI - to implement CommVault Simpana Lump 157,800
Mac Source - Palo Alto Network  5060 next-gen firewalls, and a subscription to Palo Alto┬┐s Wildfire service Lump 139,997
Vandis Inc - to replace our end of life DHCP/DNS appliance. Infoblox is the leader in IPAM (IP Address Management) and DNS security. We use Infoblox for all our network devices (Wired, wireless, phones servers etc.). Lump 58,793
Presidio - to purchase blades for Cisco Chassis to support VDI environment used cafe / labs and classrooms.  Lump 53,818
Dell - laptop computers will enable the participants of the Embedded Librarian program to work with faculty and students outside of the library as needed. 10 5,702
HP 800 All-IN One PC -  will permit instructors to annotate/highlight  work during demonstrations  via the touch screen. This will permit instructors to use software and the projector in place of chalk/whiteboard.  This will improve the learning experience as notes can be captured and archived/distributed. 50 73,350
Robotel System maintenance - system maintenance for Modern Lang lab 1 10,000
Lenovo  - This computer will replace/upgrade the library video server.  Course content materials are converted and made available to faculty to view any web browser for use in their lectures. 1 779
Apple Inc - 80 compuers for 2 music and art labs (F409 and F1009) will be replaced as they are end of life.  Several lecture rooms which use iMacs as instructor stations will also be replaced 80 180,601
Apple Macintosh Pro and iMac workstations being purchased to support the Media Arts Department academic activities. Lump 417,054
Apple Inc - Apple technology tablet computing devices and accessories  Lump 42,562
System Support Solutions - This purchase requisition is for MRV founded by Student Tech MISC. MRV bridges the campuses together using wireless point to point links, so that all campuses have network connectivity. 2 14,570
Aruba Networks maintenance. Aruba provides support for our wireless network infrastructure (access points, wireless controllers, and software). With the Aruba products we are able to automate performance optimization and security actions while providing wireless access to all three campuses. Lump 51,894
Vandis Inc -  Infoblox provides manintanence for our network with DNS, DHCP, and IP address management as well as aiding in the identification of devices connected to both our wired and wireless networks across the three campuses. Lump 51,564
Four Winds - annual maintenance on the touch screen navigation TF project. 1 2,034
Dell Marketing - to replace 7 plus year old VDI desktop used for registration setup - replacing VDI Desktop with Laptops that is easy to manage and conveniently store in a lock cart. Lump 22,780
Professional Services
Dyntek Inc - consulting Services for use in Applications Management 40 50,000
Dyntek Services - hire Microsoft.net consultant working with BMCC application team for various student information application development 400 44,800
Dyntek Service - consultant to work on design & help BMCC team to scale the VDI infrastructure environment 63 11,025
Adwar Video Service  – A service call is required to repair/reset Extron MLC104 Plus panels and projectors in 5 rooms at Fiterman Hall to insure the orderly continuation of class work and security of the equipment 1 1,500
Presidio Cisco maintenance renewal LUMP 22,500
 Dyntek Services - premier support to ensure that we have access to Citrix Engineers Support when needed.  This support will cover the entire BMCC VDI environment  40 8,500
 Speed Wire - to hire professional installer to move laser from theatre roof top to the 6th floor at Chambers Street.    1 720
Extended warranty for equipment purchased
CAE - FY14-15 warranty for the human patient simulator  LUMP 42,508
Warranty renewal for Bridewave - bridges Chambers to Murray, Murray to Fiterman, and Fiterman to 25 Broadway together using wireless point to point links, so that all campuses have network connectivity. 1 8,400
Digital Signage Equipment
Digital Signage will be installed in various locations around the campus Lump 22,904
Audiovisual equipment to be purchase in order to upgrade the digital signage system at the college to replace obsolete components that operate using out of date unsupported operating systems Lump 23,103
Software / Software Maintenance (Subscriptions)
OrgSync centralizes students' information, allowing them to manage/organize memberships and track co-curricular involvement. Lump 8,680
Turnitin - This subscription helps in checking plagiarism in student papers and is needed by BMCC students and faculty. Lump 19,958
ACM Digital Library Database - required for the research use of BMCC  Lump 52,923
EBSCO - This database is required for the research use of BMCC students and faculty Lump 20,822
College Source - This database is required for the research use of BMCC students and faculty. 1 4,406
Artstor - This database is required for the research use of BMCC students and faculty.. 1 2,610
Jstor - This database is required for the research use of BMCC students and faculty.. 1 1,000
IBIS World Database for library research use for BMCC students and Faculty 1 4,230
Scopus Database for library research use for BMCC students and Faculty 1 5,253
Gale Gengage Database for library research use for BMCC students and Faculty Lump 13,329
Encyclopaedia Britannica database is for the research use of BMCC students and faculty. 1 3,599
CDW Govern - purchase of software used for the creation of instructional videos for the benefit of students 4 579
Ellucian - Degree Works - The advisement system maintained by Ellucian is used by thousands of students many advisors and faculty. 1 14,920
 Syncsort Maintenance contract for the fiscal year 2014-2015.
Syncsort is backup software that used to back up all the servers in the data center to disks and/or tapes. It is to manage restoring missing user data to servers if necessary.
1 41,200
Empower ID software. This is our IDM software used for account management. This is used by Students/Staff/Faculty Lump 27,243
Rapid Acce - Gigamon maintenance renewal -  provides traffic solutions for our data center. It allows visibility into the traffic negotiating both physical and virtual networks without affecting the performance or stability of the production environment.  Lump 7,327
Software H - maintenance renewal of Tableau, Tableau is an industry leader in the area of data visualization. Lump 3,060
Services Licenses
NextGen Web Solutions license fee Lump 13,875
CareerSpots Inc - renewing our annual license and upgrading our CareerSpots videos to 52 videos which are heavily demanded and used by students and faculty both on and off-campus. 1 2,795
Next Gen Web Solutions - renewal of software (Licences) that will enable students to apply for scholarships on-line (period 7/1/14-6/30/15) Lump 6,000
Purchase Office 365 Manager Provisioning - Student Software onetime license Fee from Empower id for Student password reset portal and integration for office 365 integration. Lump 31,275
Avant Placement software renewal - this placement exam measures proficiency in various languages.  This software assists the Modern Lanages dept to properly place students in the correct level classes       
500 6,300
The Virtual Lab by AHIMA is used by the HIT students. The lab provides a variety of applications that focus on the domains and entry level competencies required by CAHIIM, the accrediting agency. Some of the functions students will be required to perform include patient registration, chart tracking, and coding. All of these functions mirror that performed in NYC health care facilities.  1 8,100
Creop/Pro E renewal  - The license renewal will permit the upgrade and continued use of the Pro Engineering software used in the engineering circuit design courses. Lump 2,875
Cengage Aplia License - this software assists the reading lab department to adjust and assign individual lessons to students to improve understanding with college reading 2nd edition 500 10,000
Matlab - software licenses used in the Math lab 100 2,000
Quickbooks 2014 license renewal (3) 3 2,070
Lab Stat - this license renewal will permit continued computer lab management with respect to usage and software licensing.  Real time dashboards and reports with increased detail are available with this software.   2100 4,200
ProTools 11 software renewal will introduce students in the Music 225 course to the basics of using a computer for music: musical notation technology, MIDI technology, digital audio technology and recording studio techniques. 25 2,475
Redrock - license renewal for both the Advisement and Transfer Office and LRC to provide students with online appt capability Lump 899
Software House International - renewal of Altiris client licenses permits the off hours contral and updating of TEC room stations and computer lab stations Lump 10,311
Other equipment
Adwar Video - replacement of an interactive smart board in the library's classroom 1 6,044
Tequipment Inc. - Electronic whiteboards ( & Stand) are to promote and enable collaborative learning in student groups and during faculty led instruction. 2 3,158
Physio Control Lifepak 15 -  Purchase of Lifepack Defibrillator Lump 34,185
Laerdal - The Paramedic and Respiratory Therapy students need an annual replacement of medical supplies and equipment  so that they can practice emergency medical procedures on manikins before they are sent to the hospitals for their clinical rotations. Lump 26,270
Carefusion - new respiratory therapy equipment 1 14,545
Video Hi-Tech - purchase materials and services as part upgrading audiovisual capabilities and ten classrooms at the BMCC faculty at Murray Street Lump 90,210
Avid Technology - equipment to be used as part of an expansion of our interplay storage system.  These items are needed for the activities of the college Media Center and for instructional use in the VAT and MMP curriculum. Lump 93,513
B&H Foto - the purchase of twelve (12) Sony camcorders and related accessories for use by students in the completion of their academic projects.  12 26,361
B&G Foto - professional camcorders and related accessories.  These camcorders and related accessories will be used to transition the Video Arts and Technology Program courses from tape-based methodologies to completely file-based workflows that meet the requirements for teaching contemporary media production to current industry standards as seen in the film, cable, broadcast and commercial industries. Lump 41,096
B&H Foto - Purchase of lightweight shoulder monunted for camcorders for Student Loaner Program 3 1,147
Dell Marketing - purchase proxy card readers for the library walkups use by students. 15 1,684
Pioneer Lock Corp– Pioneer Lock,  these security devices will be used to secure workstations and portable equipment such as remote controls and other portable equipment.  LUMP  1,560
CDW justification – required cables to connect all-in-one-computers and other components to wall plates in labs and lecture rooms.  Carts for the LRC to store tutoring media and individual tutoring workstations LUMP 1,653
CDW Lexmark toner justification – toner is required to maintain print services in instructional areas. This toner is for Lexmark T650N printers. 48 17,989
Purchase of SD card readers to be used as part of Technology Fee Project #25,  Upgrade Media Center Lab Video and Graphics Equipment. The readers will be installed in the lab operated by the Media Center.  20 353
Vanguard - purchase flash drives (5,000) to be used to distribute to students who complege the First Year Experience Workshops 5000 14,850
Enterprise Inititives (Blackboard, Email, Academic Advisement,Etc.) 706,000
Staff for Student Technological Support 1,058,122

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