Student Technology Fee Report 2009-2010

During spring 2008, the BMCC Student Technology Fee Committee approved the technological projects listed below for funding during the 2009-2010 academic year.  Following is a summary on the progress/completion of those projects.

Assessment of the project is based on surveys completed by students who use the different labs and support areas.

10.      Tegrity License:  The Tegrity license for lecture capturing was changed to licensing Adobe CS5 software as the university was in discussion with Tegrity regarding licensing.  In order to minimize confusion the nature of the project was changed to upgrade the college's Adobe CS3 licenses to version 5.  The software will be in place for the upcoming fall 2010 semester and assessment of the project will be conducted by a faculty survey in fall 2010 and spring 2011 semesters.
11.      Technologically-enhanced Classrooms (TEC)/Computer Lab Furniture Replacement: The computer tables in TEC rooms were replaced with 30¿w x 36¿l tables, where practical, to permit suitable space for instructors to place instructional materials while discussing course/online content during class lectures.  In addition, damaged tables in the student computer labs were replaced.   The student lab survey indicates that 92% of the respondents are satisfied with the environment of the open labs.
12.      Federal Work Study (FWS) Online Job Placement System: The FWS application was ¿soft¿ launched during the 2010 summer FWS placement to allow for implementation issues to be addressed and corrected.  During spring 2010 campus FWS supervisors and staff received one-on-one training.  Beginning fall 2010, the application will be officially operational.   The assessment phase of the project will be implemented when full online activities commence in the fall semester.

13.      Coordinator of Financial Aid E-Services: The search for the coordinator of financial aid e-services concluded and the successful candidate was hired in spring (May) 2010. With this added staff member, the financial aid office will better manage its extensive portfolio of management systems and e-services.  Assessment will initiate in late fall 2010.

14.      Dynamic Digital Signage Information Kiosks Maintenance and License Renewal - Multi-track Multimedia Kiosks: Technical/content planning is underway.  Work proceeds with the expectation that the kiosks will come online by fall 2010.

15.      Upgrade of Career Development Resources:  The career services management system (CSM/NACElink) is upgraded automatically. In the past two years a total of 12 system enhancements have been implemented.  The automated enhancements have added new features to the office manager, student and employer interfaces of the (CSM/NACElink) system. These updates have improved the usability of the system, making it easier for students and employers to navigate through the site and complete the intended tasks.
Following are usage numbers to date:

Scholarship Manager automatically matches the students' academic records to their application making packaging the submitted applications faster and easier to manage. The Scholarship Committee is then able to review and rank the completed application on-line.  A total of seven hundred and eighty (780) students have applied for the scholarship during the fall 2010 semester. 


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