FY13-14 BMCC Tech Fee Expenses

Quantity Amount
Hardware, Networking, Periperals
CISCO 6509 Supervisor Module upgrade and 10 GIG line cards to increase 10 GIG capacity of our core switch and new 3750 10 GIG switches that will be installed in the labs in Chambers Street LUMP  112,819
Newer standard wireless access points that supports 1 GIG of throughout and higher user density. LUMP  149,812
Additional kiosks to accomondate for the increased usage by students for resetting password and accessing CUNYfirst in LRC and some locations at the FH Campus 10  59,216
Additional elements for monitoring appliance which allows us to receive real time email alerts for all VDI related service outages 50  13,368
Replacement of computers located at the Murray café and SIS dept LUMP  46,060
Ipods (touch) for Career Development Center 7  1,603
Panasonic modules and projector mounts that permit wireless connection from apple ipad/ipod to panasonic projectors in the TEC room LUMP  11,607
All-in-one HP workstation which permits instructors to annotate/highlight work during demonstrations via the touch screen. 120  176,040
Panasonic projectors to replace older projectors which have been in use over 5 years. 15  25,320
HP 8300 workstations to replace 5 year old computers in the Modern Languages lab, Testing labs and Media Center Departments 140  145,740
Panasonic tough pad tablet computers to be used to setup and test wireless connection to projectors in classrooms and labs. 6  15,068
Arduino Robots for the engineering scienc program to replace the older robots 12  3,300
Apple computers to replace and update 5 year old Macintosh workstations 22  29,494
Parts needed to install Artel digital fiber optic transmission system to replace a three decade old analog system that uses obsolete video standards LUMP  1,880
Equipment, materials and services required to upgrade room N452 from legacy analog technology to contemporary digital standards. LUMP  78,394
Hardware and charging stations to charge student laptops, tablets, phones and other portable devices for instructional uses and spare parts to repair the existing charging stations LUMP  16,647
Hardware, software, training, related professional services and cable components to replace obsolete equipment used for media production and Apple computer equipment to support the encoding and streaming of digital media LUMP  188,300
Additional server & component needed for the completion of the Replacement of Obsolete Character Generator LUMP  9,902
iMac computers to replace defective ones in Fiterman Hall lab F705 and to serve as spare computers for possible replacements for students iMac computer lab/café LUMP  31,168
ipads, carrying bags, accessories, mounts and stands to be used by students for password reset, portal and email access, directory functions etc. and they are setup in various parts of the library as well as the quiet study room in the FH building as a pilot program for the library to loan to students.  Mac Mini for the iPads to push Apple confirguration that will be rolled out to students LUMP  66,350
New backup hardware (servers & storage) LUMP  47,495
Network printers & spare cartridges LUMP  8,992
Cisco 10 GIG routers for Chambers and Fiterman Hall LUMP  148,869
Cable locks to secure and lock the key servers for VDI from Kensington Custom MicroSaver LUMP  1,700
Computer kits used for the CIS155 for students to dis/assemble desktop computers as part of the curriculum 20  6,000
Professional Services LUMP  237,103
Extended warranty for equipment purchased
CAE Health Inc – warranties on human patient simulators in case of malfunctions LUMP  54,578
Digital Signage Equipment
Hardware and labor for upgrading the digital signage equipment, annual software maintenance for the Kiosks Systems, a special Kiosk app that allows students to reset password, login to CUNYfirst and Moki Mobility software that gives the ability to remotely manage/control the student Kiosks iPads LUMP  22,807
Software / Software Maintenance
Spotlight software to monitor MS SQL engine 30  19,892
Kentico Software to replace Right answers to make information regarding CCC services available to students in a comprehensive manner 1  15,755
Upgrade the DHCP/DNS appliance to more efficient box in order to serve both campuses in case of local appliance failure LUMP  33,761
Subscription for Whitehat to provide enhanced security check 24/7 to the critical servers like portal, web, email, multimedia and more LUMP  19,994
Robotel System maintenance purchased for Modern Languages Department LUMP  10,000
The avant assessment software that permits the Modern Languages Dept to properly diagnose and place students in the correct courses as determined by the exam. LUMP  11,900
SHI – Deep Freeze software renewal LUMP  5,651
Tristar – Creo software renewal LUMP  2,875
Lab statistic licence that improves computer lab management with respect to usage and software licensing LUMP  20,375
The HOTS simulation software to be used in the Business Management Department for students in the hospitality (travel and tourism) division.   This program simulates hotel management functions such as room bookings, billing, service charges, room utilization reporting, banquets and special functions, etc. LUMP  4,500
Syncsort software upgrade LUMP  9,750
The Elsevier Adaptive Quiz RN 36 web-based program will allow students time to review and test their knowledge of clinical subjects LUMP  6,311
Services Licenses
Purchased additional licenses to give BMCC the ability to send students one or bi-directional SMS messages on important  school news, updates, as well as other academic and financial information, thus reducing incoming calls from the students.   This will also enable BMCC to wage full Call Campaigns on various events. LUMP  65,652
Renewed the annual Citrix VDI Subscription Advantage license LUMP  13,175
Renewed the yearly license, hosting, and support costs for SIDEARM Athletic Content Management Application in order to enhance the communication and information available to students and the BMCC community in general LUMP  2,500
NextGen Web Solutions license fee – a web-based multifunctional student employment system for the FWS program LUMP  13,875
Renewed the Orgsync Inc – software subscription LUMP  7,500
License renewed for NACElink Career Service Manager & CareerSpots videos LUMP  10,195
Scholarship Manager annual license fee – Scholarship Manager is web-based software that matches students with school specific scholarships based upon their unique profile. LUMP  6,000
Renewed voice SMARTnet from CISCO to enhance Cisco UCS call center solution & implement new features like IVR LUMP  14,637
License renewed for Maintenance of Degree works LUMP  13,944
License needed to process SSL communication between our servers and user accessing the information from internet and the college network LUMP  534
MacManagement Software LUMP  7,800
SAP Crystal Developer Edition license LUMP  521
Additional licenses for the MacManagement Software (Casper Suite) and standared license to be used for our departmental website LUMP  14,649
Print Manager Web Advantage License that permits control of the college lab printers via the internet. This will promote efficiency by  centralizing printer control via the internet minimizing technical staff running between buildings LUMP  1,785
Altiris Client licenses permits the off-hours control and updates of TEC room stations and computer lab stations LUMP  28,962
Visual Data License – license for the blackboard building block which permits faculty to evaluate individual questions on exams LUMP  3,500
The learning curve licenses for the English dept tutoring the students basic skills LUMP  2,000
Other equipment
Audio visual equipment, camcorders and related battery packs for use by students in the completion of their academic projects LUMP  41,648
Equipment, materials & services required to uprgrade room N453 from legacy analog technology to contemporary digital standards LUMP  87,918
Carefusion ventilator 1  34,938
Equipment & services required to upgrade the conference room located within the Social Science dept (N651H) to make this space suitable for use as for small group meetings and seminars LUMP  11,862
Equipment and services required to provide media equipment for the non-suite conference rooms located at Fiterman Hall and the conferences rooms located at Chambers Street LUMP  101,641
Library Electronic Databases LUMP  73,231
USB drives given to students upon their completion of FYE workshops.  8,072  35,929
Online reference material that permits the technical support staff to access technical reference material on a 24/7 basis. LUMP  6,000
Enterprise Inititives (Blackboard, Email, Academic Advisement,Etc.)  880,713
Staff for Student Technological Support  1,102,800