BMCC Tech Fee Expenses
Quantity Amount
Hardware, Networking, Peripheral
Upgrade switches for network labs LUMP                      315,273
Hardware & software associated with the CISCO Unified Contact Center Express LUMP                        81,474
20 free standing kiosks with keyboards 20                      116,548
An additional blade for the CISCO UCS Chassis that run the kiosks server 1                        30,871
Fingerprint devices to be used in the CIS-VDI labs in the Fiterman building campus 5                              750
Hard drives to replace the current ones used in CIS lab in Fiterman building campus 40                          3,200
Audio response system equipment LUMP                        43,730
HDTV production equipment 1                          4,918
Equipment upgrade for media presentation systems and SmartBoard replacement 10                        11,619
SmartBoard interactive digital whiteboard equipment 10                        62,080
910 Dell workstations which permit the instructors to annotate/highlight work during demonstration via the touch screen and save space and power as the computer is built into the back of the monitor saving desk space 40                        39,960
Replacement of instructor stations in existing labs 12                        16,566
Projectors to replace older projectors which have been in use over 5 years 17                        33,772
Apple iPad table computers with service contract for each item 30                        17,880
Lighting & audio production equipment to be used for instructional purposes in the various curricula supported by the loaner program LUMP                          5,862
Hardware needed to have 10 GIG/FC connectivity and additional blade is added to the VDI (Virtual Desktop) LUMP                        54,097
Camera and encoding equipment as part of an ongoing Tech fee project for Live & Recorded streaming media LUMP                        31,392
Ricoh laser color printers for the arts department 2                          6,555
Panasonic projectors that will permit improve class presentations 10                        36,378
Panasonic projectors with accessories LUMP                          3,707
ScanPro 2000 scanner that will permit the Registrar’s Office to respond to requests for transcripts/documents for period 1964 to 1980’s 1                        22,814
Projector management network for Chamber Street LUMP                      113,289
Hardware purchased permitting the faculty to control classroom computers by denying web access, broadcasting one screen to many, locking all stations & permitting login of an entire class LUMP                        32,093
Modern laptop computers for student use 35                        35,924
Okidata printers and toners to replace those in the computer labs 72                        82,032
Equipment & installation cost of relocation of server LUMP                          7,548
Dedicated netflow & S-flow collector LUMP                        17,516
iMacs to be installed in the student café areas at Chambers & Murray Street campuses 30                        42,280
Purchase, installation and training for items purchased for instructional use in VAT & MMP curriculum LUMP                      146,512
Switch parts LUMP                          6,820
Equipment to support the encoding & streaming of digital media LUMP                                80
Professional Services
Support for powerful agent-based service, resulting in the reduction of business costs & improved customer response LUMP                        61,000
Professional services to have Citrix consultant on-site to assist the VDI team with upgrades, performance analysis & with Xen App implementation for instructional technology LUMP                          7,500
Consulting services for VDI migration to CISCO infrastructure & Microsoft hyper-V environment LUMP                          7,000
Purchase, installation & training on equipment from Avid for the instructional use in the VAT & MMP curriculum LUMP                        66,575
Professional consultant for our HD assessment to develop SLA’s/procedures for user support LUMP                          9,999
Extended warranty for equipment purchased
Warranty for the Human Simulator LUMP                        54,182
Digital Signage Equipment
Monitors to be used as part of the digital signage system LUMP                        10,079
Channel players to be used for the distribution of digital signage materials LUMP                        29,748
Equipment for the digital signage project 3                        10,185
Equipment for the digital signage project LUMP                          7,618
Equipment for the digital signage project LUMP                              440
Point of service bar code driven software to support the transactions required for students to sign in and out LUMP                          1,297
On-line reference service available to student 24 hours a day LUMP                          5,664
Searchable digital archive for the Registrar’s Office LUMP                        21,706
Services Licenses
Extra licenses to support more agents in Helpdesk, BARFIT group & monitoring LUMP                        59,812
Classroom wireless access points for Murray Street LUMP                        12,348
CLEARPASS product that will work with our ARUBA wireless controller LUMP                        31,161
Transition of wireless network infrastructure to new wireless standard that will provide the true MMO & 300Mbps speed to wireless users LUMP                      122,100
Citrix licenses to be used with Xenapp Instructional Technology LUMP                        26,325
Licenses renewal for all Citrix products LUMP                        10,500
Livestream software licenses LUMP                          4,200
Microsoft Premium subscription that permits academic downloads of software development tools LUMP                          1,437
Vision Pro License that permits faculty to control classroom computers by denying web access, broadcasting one screen to many, locking all stations and permitting login of an entire class LUMP                        15,040
JobX & Timesheet X annual license fee LUMP                        13,875
Scholarship Manager annual license renewal fee LUMP                          6,000
210 additional licenses for Strong Interest Inventory 210                          1,796
License renewal for NACElink Career Service Manager LUMP                          7,500
Videos license LUMP                          2,695
License for hosting and support for SIDEARMS Athletic Content Management Applications LUMP                          2,500
License renewal for Co-Curricular transcript and the shipping charge for the renewal of software LUMP                          6,521
License renewal for software that controls printing in open access computer labs and academic teaching labs LUMP                          1,193
License renewal for Virtual lab Enrollment Access Software LUMP                        10,500
SIEM (Security Instructment & Event Management) platform that allowed to cull useful information from alert & event reports sent from hundreds of networks and devices LUMP                        12,261
Library Electronic Databases LUMP                      126,826
Maintenance Agreements
License maintenance for Degree works LUMP                        12,676
Furniture for charging stations to charge student’s laptops, phones & other portable devices to be used for instructional purposes LUMP                          1,277
Bretford iPad cart to store the iPads LUMP                          2,940
Paper for printers used by students to complete projects & submit their work throughout the academic year LUMP                        17,910
Wall mount with CPU storage LUMP                              670
Enterprise Initiatives (Blackboard, Email, Academic Advisement,Etc.)                      512,325
Staff for Student Technological Support                  1,257,830