The President’s Advisory Committee on Technology1 met during the Spring 2002 semester to recommend to the President a set of technology-related projects. These projects were intended to make the best use of the funds generated by the student technology fee to meet instructional and other student-related needs for the upcoming academic year.

As a result of the work of the committee, the President approved the following projects which were implemented in 2002-2003:

1. The replacement of computers and ancillary equipment in the following student labs:


Business Management

Developmental Skills

English-as-a-Second Language and Reading

Disability Services within College-wide Labs


Instructional Technology

Learning Resource Center

Office Administration

Office of Services for Students with Disabilities

2. The purchase of a Human Patient Simulator for an Allied Health and Nursing Lab.

3. The expansion of audiovisual resources for instructional use college-wide with the latest generation of DVD players, VCRs, and projectors—Media Center.

4. The replacement of the outmoded language lab with a state-of-the-art digital audio-visual computer-based facility—Modern Languages Department.

5. The purchase of equipment including computers and associated instrumentation—Engineering Science and Hydraulics, Science Department.

6. The purchase of Blackboard hosting services for Distance Learning classes.

7. The upgrade of equipment in Corporate and Cable Communications labs—Speech, Communication Arts and Theatre Department.

8. The installation of specialized adaptive equipment and software to serve disabled students¿Office of Services for Students with Disabilities.

9. The upgrade of labs and classrooms with state-of-the-art computer projectors for enhanced instructional delivery.