Secondary Education Program 

Majors: SEM, SEB, SEC, SEP

The Secondary Education Program offers students a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, as well as educational foundations and subject concentration courses. The Secondary Education Program offers students the choice of a major focusing in four teaching subject areas: Secondary Mathematics Education (SEM Major), Secondary Biology Education (SEB Major), Secondary Chemistry Education (SEC Major) and Secondary Physics Education (SEP).  The courses in all four secondary education majors provide beginning preparation for later studies at a senior college, with the ultimate goal of obtaining initial New York State certification for secondary school teachers (in the specific subject concentration of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry or Physics).  Students in the Secondary Education Program will need to continue their academic work at a senior college after completing their degree at BMCC and to obtain a BA degree, along with other state requirements, to become a certified teacher.  Our Secondary Education Program has an articulation agreement with Lehman College within CUNY.  Upon completion of the program requirements in either SEM, SEB, SEC or the SEP major, an Associate of Science (A.S.) in Secondary Education degree is awarded.

Note for Non-Majors and Liberal Arts Majors:

All secondary education foundations courses may be taken as electives by students who wish to continue in teacher education at a four-year college but who are not enrolled in any of the BMCC secondary education degree majors. In addition, for Liberal Arts Majors, secondary education foundations courses can be taken to fulfill the Liberal Arts career credit requirements.

Secondary Biology Education

Secondary Chemistry Education

Secondary Mathematics Education

Secondary Physics Education

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