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Study Abroad Brazil

Latin American & Caribbean Society

LAT 475 - 3 credits, 3 hours

Course Dates at BMCC:
Course Dates in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil:

This is a summer course taught abroad in a Latin American or Caribbean country. It offers the students the opportunity to travel, to share, to live and to study in another country. From a global perspective, this course explores the history and culture of a selected Latin American or Caribbean country by focusing on religion, homeland, art, family, identity, film, economic development, social and political movements and environment as they are presented as major themes of current research and intangible appreciation of the student.

Program highlights: All activities scheduled correspond directly to the general themes outlined in the course syllabus: colonial history resistance against multiple forms of oppression, black identity, religion and spirituality, activism, and gender. Cultural exchange with Brazilian students as they can practice their English with native speakers, visit cultural sites they would not have access to otherwise, integrate themselves into new spaces, and make interpersonal connections. While in Quilombo Ilha, Brazil Cultural has planned exchange activities related to Brazilian musical traditions. In Cachoeira we will organize a workshop with students from the Federal University there to discuss how affirmative action programs are helping to transform the lives of US and Brazilian students.

Brazil has been studied as one of paradigms for understanding race relations in modern societies and popularly known for its mythical “racial democracy.” It is the country that has more people of African descent than any nation outside of Africa due to it receiving more enslaved Africans than any other nation in the Americas. Brazil was also notably the last nation in the Americas to abolish slavery. While in the country, students will experience and learn firsthand the intersections of race, class, and gender in the experiences, both historical and recent, of members of the African Diaspora residing there. Topics of discussion include the colonial history of Brazil, race and identity, religion and spirituality, expressive culture, and social movements. The Afro-Brazilian experience will be compared to that of other Afro-descendants in the African Diaspora including the U.S.

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Additional Costs: Optional side trips to local tourist attractions may also incur additional costs.

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For more information regarding the program, please contact:
Judith Anderson
Office: S-640
Phone: (212) 220-8000 Ext 5585
Email: juanderson