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Study Abroad China

Chinese Civilization and Language

CHI 476 - 3 credits, 3 hours

Location: Bejing, Xian, Nanjing & Shanghai

This is a study-abroad course in which students will enhance their knowledge of Chinese culture, history, and literature through class meetings, seminars, and on-­‐site visits to places of historic and cultural importance. Students will be immersed in the culture of China and attend Chinese culture/history/literature and language classes. The main purpose of this course is to help students increase their Chinese language skills and cultivate culture understandings through studying different aspects of Chinese culture, history, and literature in the host environment.

This course is designed based on the following framework:

  • Literature: Students will read short Chinese poems that are relevant to the historic sites they will visit.
  • Culture: Students will attend the culture seminars hosted by Nanjing University. Readings and discussions of the Chinese culture will also be given in Prof. Luo’s class.
  • History: Students will study the Chinese history and the development of modern China in Prof. Luo’s class. This course will in particular stress the part of the history where the capital of China was located in the host city— Nanjing
  • Assessments: Students will be required to turn in an essay and assignments on given topics.
  • Educational tours (Experiential learning): Students will visit Beijing, Shanghai, Xitang and Hangzhou because these cities are important in terms of their historical background, and cultural and literary richness. These excursions will enhance their experience with the Chinese culture.

Prerequisite: CHI 102 or 106 or proficiency in CHI 102 as determined by the Modern Languages Department placement test and at least 3 credits in a foreign language taught at CUNY.

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For more information regarding the program, please contact:
Ling Luo
Assistant Professor of Chinese
Modern Language Department
Office: Room S-601E
Phone: (212) 220-8000 Ext 5091