Getting Started



  • Log in to the BMCC PORTAL
    (If you have any problems logging in to the portal contact the Help Desk at (212) 220-8379.)


  • Update your PERSONAL ProfileClick on your name on the top right hand corner and go to, “My Profile” to check that the information listed is correct and up to date. The information listed on your profile will appear on your official Co-Curricular Transcript. To make changes click on the “Edit Your Profile” button, make the necessary changes and click on the green “Continue” button and then “Finish” button.

Join a student organization or athletic team, take a leadership role, or participate in BMCC recognized activities. If you need help getting involved, please stop by the Student Activities Office in room S234. You can also email us at to find out more.

Keep documentation of your participation in official BMCC activities or programs each semester. If you need assistance in helping you stay organized, check out the transcript involvement log under the “CCT Resources” on the left hand menu bar.

Add Involvement
(Athletics, Clubs & Organizations, Community Service, Honors & Awards, Global Experience, Leadership Training, Performance & Art Exhibits, Professional Activities, Research, Workshops & Seminars)

  1. Click on My MEMBERSHIP
  3. Click on MORE (Right hand top corner)
  4. Click on INVOLVEMENT
  5. Click on the ADD INVOLVEMENT ENTRY (Green Button)
  6. Select CATEGORY – Required
  7. Fill in ORGANIZATION- Write the name of the student club or BMCC department who sponsored the activity: i.e. Science Club or Career Development. (In order to receive CCT credit for being a club member, you must attend 6 meetings per semester which is verified through attendance sheets.)
  8. Fill in ACTIVITY- Write the exact name of the scholarship, honor, and workshop. (Example: Resume 101)
  9. Fill in the DATES (Semester must be accurate)
  10. Fill in TOTAL HOURS (Estimate)
  11. Fill in the POSITION (Example: Volunteer, President, Member, Recipient)
  12. Fill in the CONTACT INFORMATION for the BMCC faculty or staff member that can verify your participation (STUDENTS MAY NOT VERIFY )
  13. PROOF OF PARTICIPATION: This is not required but helpful. (Example: Letter of Acceptance)

Office of Student Activities


Room S234
Phone: (212) 220-8160

OSA Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.