About Us

Our Mission

The Social Justice and Equity Centers have an overarching mission that is shared across the MultiCultural Center, Women’s Resource Center, and Pride Center and is supported by each of the centers individual missions.

The mission of the MultiCultural Center to serve and empower the diverse needs of our BIPOC and historically underrepresented students and explore the roles of allies. We aim to build solidarity amongst those with privileged identities by elevating cultural awareness and inclusion at BMCC. By providing safe and celebratory spaces on campus, students will learn to affirm and explore their ethnic and intersectional identities, address anti-racist practices, and foster a sense of belonging to encourage student success.

Shared Social Justice & Equity Centers Vision

The MultiCultural Center shares an overarching Social Justice & Equity Centers vision across the Women’s Resource Center, Pride Center and MultiCultural Center.

The Social Justice & Equity Centers envision an intersectional, equitable, and socially-just world free from patriarchy, violence, harassment, gender, sexuality, and racial discrimination, prejudice, inequity, and injustice. We picture a community where all students can unapologetically be their intersectional selves, reach their maximum potential, and thrive at BMCC and beyond.

Our Values

​The Multicultural Center shares the overarching values of the Social Justice & Equity Centers  and also upholds values specific to the Multicultural Center. Everything we do incorporates one or more of our Social Justice & Equity Centers and Multicultural Center values; they are the foundation of our work, approach, and philosophy.

  • Cross Cultural Competency
  • Diversity
  • Identity Exploration
  • Inter + Intra Cultural Communication