Facilities: What We Are Doing

CUNY is giving all facilities extra attention in terms of restocking hand sanitizers, soaps and other cleaning supplies and ensuring that there are plenty of locations throughout common areas where students, faculty and staff can wash or sanitize their hands. BMCC’s Custodial Team has been working extended hours in order to meet the needs of our campus. Clear signage regarding proper hygiene (washing hands and covering coughs, etc.) will be displayed in restrooms, common areas and offices across CUNY campuses.

Increased Cleaning Supplies and Frequency

The custodial department has implemented the following extra cleaning measures:

  1. Kivac (powerwash) of restrooms 3 times a week. Twice during the weekdays and once on weekends
  2. Conducting frequent onsite inspection of restrooms and additional training with staff on properly disinfecting of restrooms.
  3. New hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout campus.
  4. Sanitizing wipes have been provided to all computer labs.
  5. Daily Classroom Cleaning
    • All chairs, tablets, desktops, computers, radiator tops, coat hooks, entrance doors are sprayed and cleaned with disinfectant on a daily basis
    • Floors are mopped with neutral floor cleaner
    • Metal chalkboard tray and frame are cleaned then, wiped down with disinfectant
    • Projector and screen dusted and then wiped down with disinfectant
    • Science Labs that have cabinets and incubator exteriors are wiped down with disinfectant (if applicable in your building)
  6. We continue to expedite and explore alternate means of procuring critical cleaning supplies in our efforts to expand the number of hand sanitizing stations around campus