The Yellow Room

In the Yellow Room for 2 year olds each day is like a ray of sun filled with laughter and lots of fun.

Safe Environment

Two year olds are courageous human beings. They enjoy discovering new things, being independent, exploring and expressing themselves. Teachers in the Yellow Room provide a safe fun environment where children can freely explore. Everything in the Yellow Room is just the right size.

Choice of Activities

Materials are easily assessable for children. They can make choices about areas they want to explore independently, select materials and return them to their appropriate place. Children’s ideas, suggestions and opinions are valued.

Children Play and Learn Together

Children are encouraged to freely express themselves, be independent, take responsibility for their classroom environment, share, engage with their peers and resolve conflict.

Artwork is important and respected. You will find it displayed in all areas of the classroom. We work hard, play hard and express ourselves through artwork.