The Red Room

The Red Room is full of energetic and inquisitive children, ages 3‐1/2 to 4 years old. Our curriculum provides opportunities for the children to learn through hands‐on experiences. We incorporate literacy, math, science, social studies and physical development into all our planning.

Learning New Things

children looking at applesOne of our studies was on apples. We read the children a book about apples. They learned how apples grow and about different varieties of apples. We took a walk to our neighborhood supermarket and bought three types of apples.
Back at school we made a chart and had a taste test to see which apple was their favorite. The children also learned about the parts of the apple. When we cut the apple across the middle, we found the shape of a star inside. We also discussed and observed the color, skin, stem, meat, seed, and core of the apple and documented what the children had to say. As part of our study, we had the children help bake apple pies. They baked two apple pies, one for our classroom and one for our bake sale!

Dance and Movement

Dance and movement is an important part of our day. The children love dancing to Motown as well as other kinds of music. The children get to release some of their energy while developing their gross motor skills. Three and four-year-olds begin to adjust their bodies’ movement to the changes of the music, such as fast and slow. In the Red Room, we all have good rhythm!

Developing Skills Through Play

children playing togetherThe children enjoy playing and working in all the centers in our classroom. Block building, dramatic play, water/sand table, art, and music, writing and reading areas are all open for most of the day in our classroom for the children to explore. What may look or seem like play to an adult is really children’s work—exploring, discovering, learning to work together, developing social skills as they share and cooperate, they also learn problem-solving through play.