The Orange Room

The Orange Room is for the Universal Prekindergarten program. Children must turn 4 by December 31 to qualify

Children Try New Things

In the Orange room the teachers are constantly encouraging the
children to “try”.  Whether it‘s new foods, an activity or
strengthening their pre‐writing skills.  The Orange room teachers
believe that the process is more important then the product.  Our
curriculum possesses community involvement at all times; walks in
the neighborhood (while at times playing “I Spy” games), field trips
which are normally associated with either our theme and or the
children’s expressed interests, and visits to the supermarket and
farmers market (as we buy items/ingredients for cooking

Cooking is Learning

We use cooking activities to identify products used, learn new
vocabulary, and observe the physical changes when ingredients
are mixed together.  We also enjoy tasting and sharing thoughts
during the cooking activities. Dialogue and interaction between the children is also a huge factor during our cooking activities.

Free Choice Play

Free choice play is a big and important part of the children’s day where they can make their own choices, negotiate when/if needed and carry on
conversations with both peers and teachers.  Each child is given the
opportunity to help with classroom set up and clean up
weekly, which has shown to be a positive way to promote the importance of responsibilities, and displaying that the class is theirs
and that they CAN be involved.

Playtime Out-of-Doors

We believe that no child should be left inside therefore encouraging
and implementing outside play and gross motor activities in the
classroom is a key component of the curriculum. The UPK class has
dance/movement time, Zumba and yoga in the classroom.  The
children learn to distinguish
between the three (“fast movement and slow movement”).
During movement activities imagination and role playing is
being used.  The teachers have noticed that the children exposed
to both movement, Zumba and yoga during their school days have
strengthened their listening skills and imagination play.