The Green Room

The Green Room children 3-year-olds are constantly learning throughout the day by continuing
to develop their self-help skills, strengthening their creativity, learning how to be more independent,
being challenged in their thinking, and developing their community skills.

Children’s Morning Meeting

Every morning the children are brought together for morning meeting in which we go over the
day’s schedule, weather, and events the children
feel like sharing.

Songs and Stories

Songs and stories are shared not only in the morning,
but several times a day. In the Green Room, there are many areas of
interest for the children to play and learn. These areas are: Discovery, Art, Sensory Table, Dramatic
Play/Kitchen, Manipulative, Blocks, Dollhouse, Library, and Computer.

Free Choice Activity Time

The children have many opportunities every
day to choose their own activities during free choice
time, as well as time to engage in outdoor play in both the morning and afternoon. The
children’s gross motor skills are not only developing during outdoor play, but also during dancing,
movement, yoga, & Zumba.

Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Not only do the children get to experience a rich indoor environment,
they also have opportunities to experience the nearby outdoor environment. We occasionally take
walks around the Tribeca area, visiting Washington Square Park, the Hudson River, and
talking about what we see and hear in our environment. The Green Room
children are provided with many opportunities
to explore their imagination and creativity, and gain new knowledge and skills, as well
as further developing skills previously learned.