Frequently Asked Questions about Appeals

How do I file an appeal?
Each appeal starts with an appeal form, personal statement, and supporting documents. Once your appeal is compiled, you need to meet with a counselor. You may need to add an academic plan (Title IV appeal) or professor’s signature (grade appeal). Your counselor will inform you of any additional steps you need to take. In order to file the appeal, you need to send it to the registrar ( The Counseling Center has a webpage has detailed instructions about filing appeals.

Which appeal(s) do I need to file?

  • Committee on Academic Standing (CAS)
    • File this appeal if you have been DISMISSED and need to apply to return on Special Probation
    • To change a failing grade (F, FAB, FIN, PEN, FPN, R, U, and WU) to an official withdrawal (W)
    • Missed the deadline to opt-in for an NC grade (Nursing students only). BMCC local policy does not support a CR grade.
  • Title IV
    • File this appeal if your financial aid has been suspended because you are not making satisfactory academic progress.

Where can I get the appeal form(s)?
The fillable appeal forms are online.

Can I meet with someone in person or is everything done remotely?
Right now, all services are remote (via telephone, email or Zoom). You will have a chance to talk to a live person to ask questions and get help completing your appeal. You must speak with a counselor if you are filing a CAS or Title IV appeal as a counselor statement is needed.

How do I know which appeal I need to file?
If you have been dismissed, you must file a CAS appeal to return to BMCC.

You need a Title IV appeal if your financial aid has been suspended because you are not making satisfactory academic progress.

There are times when more than one appeal needs to be filed. For example, if you have been placed on Academic Dismissal and you receive financial aid, you have to file a CAS appeal and a Title IV appeal.

I need an Academic Plan for my Title IV appeal – how do I get one?
Reach out to your assigned academic advisor and let them know that you need an academic plan in order to file a Title IV Financial Aid Appeal. If you do not have an assigned advisor, please email 

What is “documentation?”
Documentation is proof or evidence of what you talk about in your personal statement. Examples include a letter from employer, pay stubs showing change in hours, hospital discharge paperwork, letter from a therapist, court papers, etc. Your appeal will be much stronger with documentation.

What should I include in my personal statement and documentation?
Here are some tips for writing your personal statement (pdf) and knowing what kind of documentation to include can be found here:

How do I meet with a counselor to file my appeal?
When you have completed the appeal form, have your written statement and supporting documentation saved as a pdf, please upload all your documents here: BMCC Appeal. and you will get an appointment to meet with a counselor. Your appeal is NOT submitted until YOU, the student, have emailed the completed appeal file to the Registrar (see below).

Where do I send my completed appeal form?
When you are ready to file your completed appeal, email it to the registrar’s office ( in a new email. The subject line should be Your Name, ID and the appeal type (Name,  ####, type of appeal)  You should receive an email receipt and will get your decision via email within a few weeks.  If you have any questions regarding the status of your appeal, please contact the registrar’s office.

How long does it take to hear if my appeal has been approved?
Roughly 2 – 4 weeks though there are times the wait is much shorter. We are aware of when the semesters start and various deadlines. We will do our best to get you an answer with these dates in mind.