ECO 223 - Economic History

Economic History is a discipline which integrates history and economics. The marriage of these two disciplines enables us to look critically at the impact that ideas, institutions, and individuals have upon our economy, how such elements affect our economy, and ultimately our own lives and experiences. Together these disciplines enable us to understand local, national and global economic relationships, and observe how policies, theories, and behaviors affect our society economically, socially, and politically. This course traces the economic development of the world economy - the focus is on Europe and North America - from medieval times up to the present. The first major topic concerns the transition from feudalism to capitalism, that is, the replacement of one major system of economic and social organization by another. Once we have examined the origins of capitalism, we shall follow its progress from its early mercantile phase, through the industrial revolution up to the international order established after the Second World War.
Prerequisite: ECO 201 or ECO 202

Course Credit: 3