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Social Science (SSC)

This course offers the student Social Science field experience in Italy. Orientation, seminars with guest lecturers, field trips to sites of historic interest, and cultural tours are an integral part of the travel program. The field experience base of operations is a university in Italy.
This course is designed to provide the student with an introduction to the cultures of selected African nations through travel, structured reading, and lectures conducted on the campuses of African colleges and universities. Requirements include a term paper. This course and LAT 475 are part of the Center for Ethnic Studies' Study Abroad Program.
This is a summer course taught abroad in a Latin American or Caribbean country. It offers the student the opportunity to travel, to share, to live and to study in another country. From a global perspective, this course explores the history and culture of a selected Latin American or Caribbean country by focusing on religion, homeland, art, family, identity, film, economic development, social and political movements and environment as they are presented as major themes of current research and in the tangible appreciation of the student.
Prerequisite: A functional knowledge of the language of the country or countries visited may be required.

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