Natural Proclivities

Curated by Kim Power and Melanie Vote
May 24 – July 27, 2018

Natural Proclivities examines the relationship between humans and nature, both our responsibility and response to it, how we transform it and how it transforms us. Nature inspires the creative impulse, showing all the wonders of the cyclical process of life and death from growth to decay, and returns us to the elemental forces of our own existence. Co-curators Kim Power and Melanie Vote have invited thirty-one artists working in the mediums of paint, photography, thread, and mixed media, to stand as a representation of the synthesis of environment and materiality through their own individual creative expressions.

The interconnectedness of Homo sapiens and the natural world we live in and on, our planet, is in crises. The epoch of the Anthropocene is upon us. The artworks included in Natural Proclivities portray a cross section of nature’s acts of creation and destruction, the fecund proliferation of life, and the abject road to extinction. Through quiet visions and complex creations of both macro and micro images of natural beauty and the poetry of primal, elemental existence, this exhibition presents a visual dialogue that aspires to stimulate awareness and create empathy towards our natural environment.