On View: April 23 - May 9, 2015

Now Arriving
Student Art at BMCC 2015

Leveling the playing field for student artists

Students at community colleges don’t always have the luxury of contemplating a career in art, “but we’re trying to level the playing field,” says Professor Greenwald.

“Too often, jobs in the arts—whether it be commercial, design or fine art—are reserved for students who have a financial safety net,” he explains, “and their ability to compete for those jobs has nothing to do with ability or drive.”

At BMCC, “We’re trying to give our students the tools they need to get into a design or art program at a four-year college,” he says. “Through our mentorship or internships in the field, we try to give them the same level of support as students who have come from more affluent backgrounds.”

The student work on display in Now Arriving will reflect the rigorous education at BMCC in studio art, digital design and communications technology.

Faculty in the BMCC Art Department work with students to build portfolios that enable their successful transfer to top art and design college programs around New York City.

“Visitors to the Shirley Fiterman Art Center gallery will be amazed by the high-quality student work on display there,” says Professor Greenwald.

For more information, call The Shirley Fiterman Art Center at 212-220-3013. The Art Center is open Tuesday through Saturday, 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

BMCC student artists in artwork above:
Collage with mountains: Kyaw Han
Hand in jar: Dacnarie Molina
Blue bag: Chung Ki Tse
Pears: Nadezda Thomas
Flowers: Yomayra Taveras