Notes from the Underground: BMCC Art Faculty Showcase


Notes from the Underground, a digital exhibition of recent faculty artwork, will begin on Monday, March 1, on Instagram and Facebook, and will continue through Friday, April 23.

This focused presentation of work by faculty artists provides viewers an opportunity to see the breadth of works produced in a range of mediums by BMCC’s professors. A continuation of our annual faculty exhibition, this digital presentation highlights the college’s continued commitment to its growing art department. Each artist will be spotlighted through a series of artwork images accompanied by an artist profile.

Notes from the Underground underscores the broad variety of approaches to contemporary art-making, and provides insight into the processes and techniques in use by BMCC faculty, from modes of traditional painting and sculptural form, to installation work, experimental photography, and works employing new media.

The Art Foundations Program, conferring an AA in Art History and AS in Studio Art, prepares students for careers in the arts. With numerous courses in studio art, design, and art history, the Art Foundations program offers BMCC art majors the fundamental training required for successful transfer to four-year colleges. Art professors work with BMCC students to achieve entry to top art and design schools.


The exhibition will include work by the following faculty artists:

Aisha Tandiwe Bell, Bernardo Justin Campoy, Simon Carr, Elisa Decker, Cathy Diamond, Louis Esposito, Pat Genova, Xico Greenwald, Sarah Haviland, Jayne Holsinger, Siobhan McBride, Gustavo Murillo Fernández-Valdés, Lisa Nicchi, Carol Pereira-Olson, Andrew Prayzner, Jessica Ramirez, Kimberly Reinhardt, Erik Saxon, Adele Shtern, AC Towery, Evelyn Twitchell, and Emily Zuch