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Service Corps Alumni

Anthea Dowers

Participating in the CUNY Service Corps program was truly an amazing experience. Being an International student I was looking for a way to get involved in the community to help others, to network, and gain work experience. CUNY Service Corps fulfilled my desires. I was placed at Food Bank for New York City; there I was able to assist clients in receiving free benefits such as SNAP, formerly known as food stamps. I volunteered at the Community Kitchen in Harlem and other events, where I had the pleasure of meeting and learning from new people. The opportunity of connecting clients to services, volunteering, and meeting extraordinary people who share similar goals and wants to make a difference, is what made my experience in the CUNY Service Corps program such a memorable one. Thank you CUNY Service Corp!

Erwin Sirena

CUNY Service Corps has changed my life. It helped me to become a more professional individual who created a circle of networks that opened enormous amount of doors. On top of all that, it has allowed me to discover my passion for helping others. Through this experience I am now aware that I am working towards something I want to do as a life career.

Lisa Marie Lupo

CUNY Service Corps was beneficial for both me and the sites that they offer. Both the Service Corps and the site I was placed in taught me the importance of helping out others as well as helped me come closer to discovering what I want to do in life.

Sean Wilson

The CUNY Service Corps created an opportunity for college students such as myself, by matching us with jobs and internships, and training us on civic duties and community outreach. Working with one of the many not-for-profit organizations partnered with the Service Corps, has improved my character, work experience and knowledge; it changed my way of thinking and gave me insight on my future. I am honored to be a CUNY Service Corps Alumni.

Tahreem Fatima

I believe that CUNY Service Corps was a great opportunity and a very worthwhile one. It gave me a chance to grow as a person while gaining real world job experience. I feel fortunate to have been a part of an unforgettable 2014-2015 cohort.

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