Scholarship Program

Who Is Eligible:
Currently enrolled college students (graduate students, law students and/or high school seniors are NOT eligible) are invited to apply by submitting an essay. Freshman entering Fall 2017 are eligible once they have received a student ID number. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Essays that are not the original work of the entrant will be immediately discarded and eliminated from consideration.


2018 essay topic:

Discuss the pros and cons of renting versus homeownership.

Is renting just a short-term solution before homeownership? Or has America just taken the easier way out with renting and homeownership is dying with Millennials. Discuss what factors could increase or decrease homeownership among the generation, is it a location, financial or culture issue?

Deadline: 12/15/2018 Annually
Amount: $5000 -top prize $1000-second to fifth place
How to apply:

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