2018 Summer Pipeline to Justice Program

Who Is Eligible:


  1. Be a CUNY Graduate or a current CUNY undergraduate/graduate student (students that will be entering as a Freshman at a CUNY campus in the Fall of 2019 are also eligible). 
  2. Be willing to commit to full participation in the program from June 11th to June 21st, Monday-Thursday, from 9AM-3PM.
  3. Have an expressed interest in the practice of law in the service of human needs.
  4. Complete and submit the application to emily.porter@law.cuny.edu




  1. An updated resume
  2. A list of two references (contact information is enough-there is no need for complete letters), and
  3. Answers to the questions below



  1. Please describe in no more than 500 words why you would like to attend the Pipeline to Justice Summer Program (Please attach additional pages to complete):
  2. Please describe in no more than 500 Words any obstacles that you have overcome or experiences that you have had that have inspired you to be an attorney.


Deadline: 05/04/2019 Based on Last Year's Deadline.
How to apply:

For more information, please visit: https://cunyba.gc.cuny.edu/blog/2018-pipeline-justice-pre-law-summer-program/