CUNY Becas scholarship Program

Who Is Eligible:

The CUNY Becas scholarship program, offered by the Jaime Lucero Mexican Studies Institutes at CUNY, offers full tuition scholarships to CUNY undergraduate and graduate students who meet three criteria

The scholarship can only be used for tuition and it covers one year for undergraduate degree students, or one semester for graduate students.

Past recipients may reapply for additional funding. The scholarship primarily aids students with little or no access to other funding sources and does not discriminate based on immigration status or nationality.


 Requirements - Application Materials:

    1. A personal statement with attention to your community service within the Mexican community. If you have not had the experience of working with the Mexican community, you may write about how the scholarship will allow you tohave this experience.
    2. A statement of financial need that explains how you would benefit from being awarded CUNY Becas. If applicable, discuss any unusual personal or family circumstances.

Deadline: 06/25/2018
Amount: up to $4,800
How to apply:

The application is now open and available on our website. For more information and to apply, visit



Deadline has already passed please monitor site for updates.