Veterans United Foundation Scholarship

Who Is Eligible:

To be eligible for this scholarship award, applicants must be:



         *Deceased parent or spouse's military documents (DD214 and death certificate /or DD1300)

 *Official benefit letter showing disability rating (if applicable)

 *Full FAFSA submission

 *Proof of enrollment from your accredited college or university

                  *Government issued photo ID

Able to provide Veterans United Foundation with receipts or invoices related to eligible educational costs as they are incurred in order to receive payment. Eligible costs include tuition, books, fees, school materials and some aspects of room and board as determined by Veterans United Foundation. 


Awards will be granted based on the following criteria:



Share your story of how losing your spouse or parent has affected you. Explain who you are, where your life has taken you, and what you hope to pursue through your college education and beyond.



Determined by the Veterans United Foundation awards team and based on full FAFSA submission



Your community, church, athletic and school involvment or achievements, plus anything else you would like to have considered (may include photos, drawings, poems, writings, etc.).

Deadline: 03/05/2019 Annually
Amount: $2,000
How to apply:

For more information, please visit: