Scholaship America

Who Is Eligible:




Do not send these documents unless you are notified that you've been selected as a semifinalist in January.

Based on the information submitted on the electronic application, semifinalists will be selected by Scholarship America and notified by email in mid-January. Semifinalists will be asked to provide the following documents by January 28:

  1. A current, complete transcript of grades from each college attended. Grade reports are not accepted.
  2. A completed applicant appraisal form.
  3. A copy of the first two pages of the most recently filed IRS Form 1040 used for the Financial Information page.
  4. Proof of U.S. citizenship or residency, such as a copy of one of the following: Birth Certificate, Certificate of Naturalization, Permanent Resident Card or document of approval of DACA status.

Deadline: 06/30/2018 Varies
Amount: Varies
How to apply:

Please visit website for further information: