New York State Black, Puerto Rican & Asian Legislative Caucus - City University of New York Scholars Program

Who Is Eligible:

The Caucus CUNY Scholars Program is a local internship program for students who are interested in the workings of the New York State Legislature. The Program enables students to learn about the work performed by the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislative Caucus, as well as the services provided by the State Legislature to communities of color and need in and around the City of New York.

The Caucus CUNY Program was established for students who wish to study the legislative process in New York State, but who are unable to relocate to Albany for a full spring semester. Selected students are assigned to the district offices of New York State legislators comprising membership of the Black, Puerto Rican and Hispanic Legislative Caucus. The assignment of students to district offices varies according to their residence, policy interests, skills sets, etc. Once assigned, students perform substantive tasks such as constituent case management, legislative research and assistance, and a host of others.

In addition to the first hand experiences they receive in the district offices of New York State Senators and Assembly members, all Caucus CUNY Scholars are given academic guidance through enrollment in campus-based seminars with CUNY faculty, as well as regular meetings with members of the Caucus and their staff.

Each year, Caucus CUNY Scholars work as a group to develop and complete special projects that borrow on their accumulated knowledge of the New York State legislative process. Projects may take the form of draft resolutions, which are later introduced and adopted in the legislature. Students also draft research papers and written logs in which they describe and analyze their internships.

A further element of their academic and experiential training consists of visits by Caucus CUNY Scholars to the Black, Puerto Rican, & Hispanic Legislative Caucus weekend conference in Albany, as well as other special events sponsored by the Caucus and City University. This combination of on campus and off campus activities constitutes the core of the Caucus CUNY Scholars Program - an academically rigorous experience for men and women considering careers and involvement in public service.

The Caucus CUNY Scholars Program is open to any student who has completed 30 credits. In some cases, outstanding upper-freshmen may be considered. Any major may apply, but students who wish to be considered should demonstrate an interest in, and understanding of, state government and politics. Applicants must carry a 3.0 GPA, and must submit at least one confidential faculty recommendation form along with their written applications and official transcripts. CUNY will award a stipend of $2,000 to each student and will cover the costs for Albany visits (as mentioned above) and other related events.

Deadline: 11/15/2018 Based on last year's deadline
Amount: Up to $2,000
How to apply:

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