American Institute of Chemical Engineers: Minority Scholarship Awards for College Students

Who Is Eligible:
Rules, Criteria, and Submission Requirements

  1. Previous recipients of this scholarship are eligible to reapply.
  2. Applicants shall be required to be undergraduates in chemical engineering during the 2018 academic year and be members of a minority group that is under-represented in chemical engineering, i.e., African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Alaskan Native, Pacific Islander. Applicants who will complete the chemical engineering baccalaureate degree requirements in mid-academic year (i.e., after one semester of one or two quarters), if successful, will receive prorated awards. Candidates who receive the scholarship are expected to join their college’s AIChE Student Chapter.
Selection of winners will be based on the following criteria:

i. The applicant’s academic record, minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0.
ii. The applicant’s participation in AIChE student chapter, and professional or civic activities as outlined in the chapter advisor’s, department chair’s, or other faculty member’s evaluation in his/her letter of nomination.
iii. Applicant’s career objectives and plans as outlined in his/her career essay.
The applicant’s financial need as outlined in his/her EFC (Expected Family Contribution).
Individual awards for the full academic year will be $1,000. Awards will be announced by Late July/August 2018, and payment disbursed to each winner upon receipt of a copy of the proof of 2017 fall-semester college registration, as well as their tax information (social security number required for U.S. residents). No award will be sent after December 31, 2018.
In addition to this award, The Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award that consists of a plaque and $1,500 honorarium may be awarded to eligible applicants. No separate application form is required for that award.

A complete application for the 2018 AIChE Minority Scholarship Award will contain a copy of each of the following items (each letter should contain an original signature to be scanned and uploaded). All applications are submitted online:

  1. A completed application form submitted online.
  2. A career essay not to exceed 300 words outlining immediate plans after graduation, areas of chemical engineering interest, and long-range career objectives
  3. A résumé
  4. Unofficial copy of student transcript
  5. An EFC (Expected Family Contribution) provided in the electronic Student Aid Report(SAR) on FAFSA (The Free Application for Federal Student Aid) (Optional: A letter from the parent/guardian verifying financial need can also be included with the EFC in the SAR Report of FAFSA. Please include a list of financial resources for educational support.)
  6. A letter of recommendation from the AIChE student chapter advisor, department chair, or chemical engineering faculty member containing, but not limited to, the following:
-Verification of nominee’s GPA and projected completion date.
-An evaluation of the student’s academic performance and participation in AIChE and other professional or civic activities.
-Confirmation of minority group of student.

Deadline: 08/03/2018
Amount: A one-time award of $1,000 per student.
How to apply:




Deadline has already passed please monitor site for updates.