FFRF - William J. Schulz High School Essay Contest

Who Is Eligible:

High school seniors graduating in Spring 2019 in North America who are college-bound in Fall 2019. (Currently-enrolled college students should enter the College Essay Competition).


THIS YEAR'S TOPIC: “Why I believe 'They who live on love and laughter don't mess around with the hereafter.'"

PROMPT: The "slightly irreverent" lyricist Yip ("Over the Rainbow) Harburg wrote the above rhyme. Tell us why you don't "mess around with the hereafter." Is the idea of an "afterlife" counterproductive to enjoying life now or improving this world? Write about why you personally reject religion and its promise of an afterlife, and why you think this world is the one that matters.

WORD LENGTH: 350-500 words


Deadline: 06/01/2019 Based on Last Year's Deadline.
Amount: Up to $3,000
How to apply:

Please visit: Student Essay Competitions

for application instructions and/or additional information.

Award amounts are as follows: First Prize: William J Schulz Award: $3,000 Second Place: $2,000 Third Place: $1,000 Fourth Place: $500 Fifth Place: $300 Honorable Mention(s): $200