New York Institute of Technology Transfer Scholarship

Who Is Eligible:

NYIT Transfer Scholarships are granted to incoming students who have earned a minimum of 24 credits from an accredited college or to students who have earned an associate's degree.

All students who receive this award are eligible for a maximum of three years (six semesters) of continuous full-time undergraduate enrollment at NYIT

Readmitted students are not eligible.


A transfer scholarship will be renewed each semester provided the student satisfactorily completes at least 12 credits and maintains the appropriate CGPA with no incomplete or failing grades. The following CGPA is required for the renewal of the transfer scholarship:

Required cumulative
GPA for renewal:
Amount of Scholarship
2.7 $4,500 - $5,500
2.9 $6,500 - $7,000
3.1 $7,500 - $8,00

Amount: Up to $8,000 per yr. (depending upon GPA)
How to apply:

Please visit: