John Jay College - Transfer Student Scholarship

Who Is Eligible:

If you are an entering transfer student with the highest GPA, you may be eligible for a transfer student scholarship of $1,000.


To apply, you will need to write an essay describing your scholarly aspirations at John Jay.

Deadline: 05/01/2019 Based on Last Year's Deadline.
Amount: $1,000
How to apply:

Please visit: John Jay College

To support the learning experiences of our academically talented incoming transfer students, the following scholarships are available:

- Kevin Maher Memorial Scholarship
- Transfer Student Scholarship

To learn more about these scholarships, please call to set up an appointment with Michael Scaduto, Scholarship Coordinator, 212-237-8872, Room 1285N,

*ONLY e-mail contact person.

Please note:  All 2018/2019 New Transfer scholarship opportunities have been awarded. Those interested in applying for transfer students scholarships for the 2018/2019 Academic Year should visit this page again in early Spring 2019. You must be officially accepted to the College before applying for scholarships. You will be contacted by the Scholarships Office if you meet the requirements to apply for any or all of the below opportunities.