Emerson College Transfer Scholarship

Who Is Eligible:

Your interests and abilities are in line with a major in communication and the arts.

You are well-prepared to meet the challenges of a strong liberal arts curriculum.

You are academically prepared. We strongly recommend, but do not require: 4 years of English, 3 years each of mathematics, science, social science, and a single foreign language.

You show academic promise. We base this on your secondary school performance, academic recommendations, writing competency, and standardized test results, as well as personal qualities as seen in extracurricular activities, community involvement, and demonstrated leadership.


Application for Transfer Admission and application fee

Essay (400-600 words)

Official high school transcript or GED

Official transcript from each college or university attended

Mid-term grade report for any college coursework in progress

One letter of recommendation from a college instructor who taught you in an academic subject

Dean's Report on Good Standing

SAT or ACT test results (results are not required if you will have earned an Associate's Degree, will have completed the equivalent of two full-time years of college, or will have been away from high school for three or more years by the time you enroll)

Resume of Activities and Employment

Additional requirements, such as a portfolio, audition, or creative work may be required of applicants to some programs (see Transfer Application) Performing Arts majors: You must submit the Performing Arts Supplement as soon as possible.

International students can learn about special documentation and application requirements by calling the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 617-824-8600 or sending an e-mail to international@emerson.edu

Deadline: Transfer applications are due 11/1 (for Spring) and 3/15 (for fall); Financial aid documents due: 12/1 (for spring) and 4/1 (for fall)
Amount: varies
How to apply:

Please visit: Emerson College Admission
for additional information.

Please note: Students interested in the transfer scholarship must fill out the general admission application, AND the Next Step Application, available here: http://www2.emerson.edu/admission/next-step/

Also: See the following website for information about the Common Application for Admission to Emerson: https://www.commonapp.org/CommonApp/MemberRequirements.aspx