The Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program

Who Is Eligible:



A complete online application includes the following:
  1. Transcript(s) from all colleges or universities that the applicant has attended. An official transcript is best; a student copy is acceptable if it is in the format of an official transcript.  The transcript must include spring 2018 course enrollment to verify full-time student status.
  2. Proof of U.S. citizenship, including (choose one):
* Note: If you use a birth certificate, please note that if you are selected, you will need to send us a hard copy of a notarized birth certificate before your final acceptance. Those using passports or certificates of citizenship will have to bring originals to show at the start of the program. 
*Note: Social Security cards and driver’s licenses are not proof of citizenship and will not be sufficient.

3.Three letters of recommendation
* Note: Students must first save the “Personal Profile” page of their application before they can save the recommendation section of the application. Applicants can return to their application at any time before the deadline to update any portion of their application.
Note: If selected as a Rangel Scholar, applicants will be required to send official transcripts, forms to register for university courses (provided by the Rangel Program), a medical form with immunization information (provided by the Rangel Program), and other required documents.

Deadline: 02/01/2019 Based on Last Year's Deadline.
Amount: Tuition, travel, room and board, stipend
How to apply:

For more information, please visit: