Morris K. Udall Scholarship

Who Is Eligible:

Students must either:

Be a Native American or Alaskan Native committed to a career related to the environment, tribal public policy, or Native American healthcare


Be a student pursuing a career related to the environment (Native American or Alaskan Native ancestry is not required if you are pursuing a career related to the environment.)

Students must be a matriculated sophomore or junior studying at an accredited two or four year institution, pursuing an associates or bachelors degree during the 2018-2019 academic year.

How to Apply

Step 1: Determine if the Udall Scholarship is right for you. Review About the Scholarship and Who Should Apply pages.

Step 2: Find your Facultyrep. Only your school’s Udall faculty representative can give you access to the online application. Contact your faculty rep today; many schools have internal deadlines up to six months earlier than the Udall Foundation’s submission deadline.
     * The school internal deadline is January 28, 2018

Step 3: Review the sample application. The Udall Scholarship is a highly competitive award; start now so that you can prepare the best application possible. Work closely with your faculty rep as you revise your application.

Step 4: Request your letters of recommendation and transcripts. 

Deadline: 03/08/2018
Amount: Up to $5,000 per year
How to apply:

If you meet the eligibility requirements or have further questions, please come to the Scholarship Office, room S-365 for more information or to request a nomination.

For more information on the scholarship, please visit:
Morris K. Udall Foundation


 Application is past due this year, please check it back for further information.