Amherst College Community College Transfer Scholarship

Who Is Eligible:

- Must have completed at least one year as a full-time student at a two-year or community college in a liberal arts curriculum (equivalent of 8 transferable courses).

- Two years of college work is preferable.

- Must be capable of enrolling as full-time students in the successive years needed to complete their degree.


- Credit is granted only for courses in the Liberal Arts
- College and secondary school transcripts
- Recommendations
- Quality of writing as demonstrated in your essays and recommendations
- Extra and co-curricular involvements and talents

Deadline: November 1st (for Spring admission) or March 1st (for Fall) annually
Amount: Varies
How to apply:

Amherst's need-blind admission policy has always meant that highly motivated, highly qualified students could come to Amherst, even if they didn't think they could afford it.

Please read the Amherst College Collaboration Agreement (available at the following link) before applying. For application and/or additional information, please visit:
Amherst College

Spring Enrollment Deadline: November 1

Fall Enrollment Deadline: March 1

Application is past due this year, please check it back for further information.