Phoenix Houses of New York, Inc. - Youth Power Mentoring Corps

Who Is Eligible:

The Youth Power Mentoring Corps is a collaboration of youth organizations, mentoring programs, and drug prevention programs across New York State that sponsor AmeriCorps members at their sites to help the children and youth in high-risk communities to reach their fullest potential in a drug free environment. The program promotes personal and social responsibility among children and youth, provides valuable community resources information to youth and their families, increases academic performance and school participation through homework assistance by the mentors, discourages the use of illegal drugs and firearms, and discourages gang affiliations.


AmeriCorps members conduct monthly workshops for parents to teach them the signs of drug abuse, gang involvement, and other risk behaviors, as well as, be provided with helpful community resources information. Each of the 50 AmeriCorps members provides one-to-one mentoring to 5 youths/mentees for at least 8 hours a month, and facilitates evidence-based prevention programs such as Life Skills Training to additional youth group mentoring in weekly workshops and learning activities.

Deadline: See "How To Apply" for any applicable deadlines.
Amount: See "How To Apply" for additional information.
How to apply:

Contact: Youth Power Mentoring Corps
Ms. Joan E. Hajjar
Program Director
50 Jay Street, 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-222-6600
Fax: 718-367-5835