Community Service Society of New York

Who Is Eligible:

AmeriCorps members serve in different CSS Departments and are assigned to varying boroughs as project facilitators, Outreach Specialists, Community Awareness Leaders, Resident Organizers, Literacy Leaders, Financial Literacy Leaders/Tax Counseling Coordinators via Financial Education Program (FEP), Project Coordinators/Liaisons via MentorCHIP (mentoring children of incarcerated parents) and Head Start Community Organizing Assistant Leaders.


Fridays are designated for member development group planning activities, issue oriented discussions on citizenship, training on personal and professional development and team meetings. Members spend one of these Fridays in the field learning about the diverse populations they serve through visits to different neighborhoods and NYC Arts and Cultural institutions. Members are also required to produce a community resource directory that includes volunteer opportunities in the neighborhood where they reside.

Deadline: See "How To Apply" for any applicable deadlines.
Amount: See "How To Apply" for additional information.
How to apply:

Contact: Community Service Society AmeriCorps
Ms. Judy James
Contact Person
105 East 22nd Street
New York, NY 10010
Phone: 212-614-5483
Fax: 212-598-4782