(NSF) Re-entry to Active Research Program (RARE)

Deadline Date:

Deadline: Open


National Science Foundation seeks applications for the Re-entry to Active Research (RARE) Program to catalyze the advancement along the academic tenure track of highly meritorious individuals who are returning from a hiatus from active research. Funds: $1.2 million for up to four awards. The maximum project period is three years.: NSF said the RARE program includes two tracks to catalyze the advancement of investigators along the academic tenure system after a research hiatus, either to a tenure-track position or to a higher-tenured academic rank: Track 1: re-engages investigators in a competitive funding opportunity with accommodations for a gap in record that is a result of the research hiatus; and Track 2:retrains investigators for whom the research hiatus has led to the need for new or updated techniques, such that retraining is required to return the investigator to competitive research activity.
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