New York Foundation Grants

Deadline Date:

November 1, 2020


New York Foundation
: NYF grants support community-initiated solutions to solve local problems, constituents mobilizing for adequate and equitable resources, and groups organizing a collective voice among those whose voices have not been heard. NYF grantees address a wide diversity of issues, but share a commitment to inspire New Yorkers to become more informed, active participants in the life of the city. The foundation support organizations that: engage people most immediately affected by various forms of inequity and oppression; develop emerging leaders; demonstrate readiness to undertake social change efforts; are willing collaborators and seek alignment with allies that have similar and complementary goals; and prioritize gender and racial justice. The NYF does not make grants to: individuals or to capital campaigns; research, films, conferences, or publications; requests outside New York City except from organizations working on statewide issues. Average amount per grant is $40,000. The NYF has a policy of renewing grants up to three years.

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