James S. McDonnell Foundation Collaborative Activity Awards

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James S. McDonnell Foundation
Scope:The Foundation offers Collaborative Activity Awards to initiate interdisciplinary discussions on problems or issues, to help launch interdisciplinary research networks, or to fund communities of researchers/practitioners dedicat- ed to developing new methods, tools, and applications of basic research to applied problems. In each case the focus of the collaborative activity must meet the program guidelines for one of the following program areas: (a) Studying Complex Systems; (b) Understanding Human Cognition; and (c) Mathematical & Complex Systems Approaches for Brain Cancer. Eligibility: The 21st Century Collaborative Activi- ty Awards are awards for multidisciplinary and multi-partic- ipant projects that address questions and topics relevant to the Foundation’s core and complementary program areas. (1) Strong preference will be given to applications involving multi-institutional collaboration. (2) There are no geographic restrictions on these awards and the Foundation encourages international applications. (3) The lead applicant must be sponsored by a non-profit institution as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. (4) The grantee institution must agree to administer the award and to waive all indirect and administrative costs. Funding: The budgets for collaborative activities will vary greatly depending on the scope of the proposed problem or project and on the number of people involved. The Foundation recognizes that funding must be appropriate to an activity’s specific scope and needs. It also recognizes that organizing and implementing such an activity can be exceedingly time consuming.