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Achelis & Bodman Foundation
In keeping with the broad purposes in its charter documents, the Foundation has chosen to spread its grants over six program areas. Most grants are made in New York City, reflecting its dynamic not-for-profit sector, large and persistent needs, and the staffs and Trustees local knowledge. Over 90% of grants fall into one of the following categories: Arts and Culture: Cultural institutions are among New York City’s most valued resources. They are also major employers and vital to the City’s economy. The Foundation is most likely to support organizations that promote and sustain traditional concepts of artistic excellence. Education: The failure of inner-city public education is a national tragedy with enormous consequences for the children in these schools and for society as a whole. Therefore, the Foundation has funded charter schools, voucher programs, scholarships to parochial schools, and research that examines the impact of competition and other factors on K-12 educational performance. The Foundation also has an interest in helping young people and adults to realize their dreams of a college education. Finally, the Foundation seeks to promote intellectual excellence and balance at American colleges and universities. The Foundation is particularly interested in supporting programs that emphasize the private sector and entrepreneurship. The Foundation supports programs that boost academic achievement, provide positive recreational and educational activities for disadvantaged young people, promote good character, preserve families, and encourage responsible parenting.